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Pet Shops in Singapore 2019 – 11 Best Pet Stores for Affordable Pet Supplies

Pet Shops in Singapore 2019 – 11 Best Pet Stores for Affordable Pet Supplies

Owning a furkid may not be as expensive as raising a child, but it sure isn’t cheap. And while you won’t want to be scrimping on things like good quality pet food, it’s always wise to make sure you’re not getting ripped off for nothing. For instance, you may be paying 10% to 20% more for your pup’s usual brand of food if you shop at Pet Lovers Centre (PLC).

You might not have thought to look beyond the biggest pet store chain in Singapore, but actually there are several smaller pet shops and online pet shops worth checking out. They may not have as wide a selection as PLC, but if they carry the brands that you like, you might as well purchase it for less.

Pet shop / online store

Delivery fees (if applicable)


Pet’s Station (islandwide)

$20 / free for orders above $55

Chain of 5 outlets islandwide

Polypet (Sunset Way)

$10 / free for orders above $100 or with self-collection

Only 1 outlet (in Clementi)

Pet Walk (Serangoon North)

String of small pet shops along Serangoon North

Pet’s Gantry (Toa Payoh)

$10 to $20 / free for orders above $70

Only accept cash or bank transfer. Delivery only on Sat

RedMart (online)

$3.99 to $5.99 / free for orders above $100

Convenient to order along with your household groceries

Good Dog People (online)

$7 / free for orders above $39

Dog supplies only. $10 off first order with promo code 10FORGOOD(min. $99 spend).

Kohe Pets (online)

$8 / free for orders above $60

Sells all animal supplies. Up to 5 free samples per order

Neko Jam (online)

$8 / free for orders above $79

Mostly cat items. $5 off first order

Perromart (online)

$10 / free for orders above $25

Dog and cat supplies only. Lowest minimum spend for free delivery

Shop Vanillapup (online)

$8 / free for orders above $50

Dog and cat supplies only. $5 off first order with promo code SV5OFF (no min. spend).

Pet’s Station

An affordable pet shop to pick up your pet supplies is Pet’s Station. Prices are one of the cheapest in Singapore, and they have 5 outlets, including one at the famous Pet Walk in Serangoon North (see below).

The only thing I dislike about Pet’s Station is that they sell hamsters and bunnies at their stores, and the few times I was there, it didn’t look particularly sanitary.

They also have an online store so you can search for prices before deciding if you should head down. Ordering online is not a bad idea though – you save the hassle of searching through the shelves and you can use your credit card (to hit your minimum spend and earn rebates, of course).

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $55 (not hard, really), otherwise $20

Polypet a.k.a. the Sunset Way pet shop

Next up, there’s Polypet at Clementi, otherwise known as “the Sunset Way pet shop”. Polypet doesn’t sell animals – yay! – and their prices are very competitive and comparable to Pet’s Station’s.

The downside is that there is only 1 outlet, so if you don’t live the west, Polypet can be really out of the way. It does help that they have an online store, but the minimum spend for free delivery is $100. If not, delivery is $10, which is not too steep. Those who stay nearby can purchase your items online, and then opt for self-collection (it’s free).

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $100, otherwise $10

Pet Walk a.k.a. Serangoon North pet shops

Serangoon North Ave 1 is famous for its Pet Walk, which is a row of neighourhood pet shops within a HDB estate.

It’s very old school, and are like those you probably visited when you were a child and wanted to look at baby hamsters. They’re not the cleanest – or the best-smelling, thanks to the animals for sale – but they’re mostly quite cheap. (This excludes the specialty stores like House of Chinchilla and Lavish Premium Pets which are generally more expensive.)

Some of the cheapest pet shops include Pet’s Station, PetMart and Petss Kiosk, but to be honest, any shop you go into would probably be cheaper than PLC. There isn’t a “cheapest” one per se and if you want to find the absolute lowest price for a specific product, you’ll need to brave the sun and walk the stretch (probably not worth the trouble).

Delivery charges: N/A

Pet’s Gantry

Pet’s Gantry specialises in small animals like hamsters, rabbits and chinchillas, but they do carry some dog and cat supplies as well. They have 1 outlet at Toa Payoh, which is relatively central. Prices seem slightly higher than Pet’s Station and Polypet, but still considered cheap.

Like its competitors, Pet’s Gantry has an online store too, but it’s a bit more troublesome to shop through the site – payment is via cash (on delivery) or bank transfer only. Delivery is chargeable for orders under $70, and costs between $10 to $20 depending on the location. Deliveries are also only once a week (on Saturdays), so you’ll need to plan your buying routine.

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $70, otherwise $10 to $20


RedMart has just about everything, so it’s no surprise that you can purchase your pet supplies from them too. That’s great news because you can stock up on your pet stuff along with your other household groceries.

Top pet food distributors like Rein Biotech, Silversky and B2K sell their stuff there, so you can probably get your preferred pet food brand too.

Delivery is $3.99 (below $40) to $5.99 ($40 to $100), and it’s free if you spend above $100. That sounds high, but if you can always just stock up on your other household necessities (RedMart sells almost everything!). If you’re a LiveUp member, you only need to spend above $40 to score free shipping.

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $100, otherwise $3.99 to $5.99

Good Dog People

The Good Dog People doesn’t have that fantastic a selection of products, but that’s exactly what they want.

The pro-environment business says it “advocates ethical and responsible products” and that they “believe in using recycled, reusable or biodegradable materials in raising environmental awareness”. It’s great that the business actively supports sustainable products yet keeps their prices affordable.

In fact, they have a price-match guarantee, so if you can find the same products for cheaper elsewhere, tell them! First-time customers can also score $10 off their first order (min. $99).

Standard delivery is $7 (or free if your order is above $39), while Plus delivery (same-day or scheduled timing) is $15.

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $39, otherwise $7 (standard) or $15 (same-day / scheduled delivery)

Kohe Pets

Kohe Pets carries a good range of products for dogs, cats and even small animals. They’re quite established, and have a following of loyal pet lovers. Delivery is done by their own team (not a third party courier), and typically takes 2 days.

I especially love that there is a “Free Samples” tab on their website – each order can get up to 5 packs of free samples, restricted to 1 pack per sample product (mostly cat and dog food and treats).

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $60, otherwise $8

Neko Jam

Neko Jam sounds like a supply store dedicated to cat stuff, but in actuality, they carry products for dogs and small animals too (albeit a smaller selection).

There are 2 delivery methods: the free courier delivery (by a third party service) and their in-house delivery service.

The former is free for orders above $39, which sounds like a breeze to hit, but the catch is that it excludes frozen food and bulky items like big bags of dog/cat food, cat litter and pet furniture. For those, you will need to opt for the Neko Jam Delivery+, which is $8 or free if you spend above $79.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you also get $5 off your first order.

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $39 (excluding frozen food & bulky items) or $79, otherwise $8


Perromart is another online pet supplies store, and while it doesn’t usually strike me as the cheapest, it’s worth a visit when they’re having sales – expect free gifts with purchase, bulk deals (by the carton) and straight up discounts (up to 60%).

Perromart is for cat and dog supplies only, no bunny or hamster stuff here. It’s not the cheapest of the online stores, but it has the lowest minimum spend for free delivery.

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $25, otherwise $10

Shop Vanillapup

If you keep up with the dog blog scene in Singapore, you would know of the @thevanillapup – a cute West Highland Terrier called Latte. The Vanillapup brand first started out as a content site, with Latte’s owner writing about her journey as a new dog mum, but it has since evolved to include an online dog supplies business called Shop Vanillapup.

You can say it was a natural progression of sort, as Sarah (Latte’s owner) often received requests for recommendations on food, shampoos and other furry necessities. The store claims to handpick all their items, making sure they’re “free of nasties” and safe for your furkid. They also have a price match guarantee, so if you see something cheaper elsewhere, be sure to ping them.

For maximum savings, sign up as a member to receive 3% rebate on your orders. Also, be sure to have at least $50 in your cart before you check out – you’ll save $8 on delivery.

Delivery charges: Free for orders above $t0, otherwise $8.

If all else fails… there’s always Pet Lovers Centre

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not throwing shade at PLC. In fact, I have a VIP membership and buy almost all my pet supplies from there simply because there’s one 200 metres from my home.

Granted, PLC is one of the most expensive pet supplies chains in Singapore – prices are generally about 10% to 30% higher – but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. You’re paying a premium, but it’s for the added convenience.

PLC has a whopping 65 outlets in Singapore, so chances are, there’s probably one near you. And when it’s 9pm and you realise you’ve run out of doggy kibbles, I think you’ll be more than willing to pay PLC’s price to fix your emergency. Most of their outlets are at malls, which also means they’re clean (no pee smells!) and air-conditioned.

But if you’re not in a rush and can afford the time to hunt for cheaper supplies, you can save a lot in the long run by shopping at these alternative pet supplies stores.

Got a cheap pet shop you frequent? Share it with us in the comments below!

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