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Pathomics Health Expands Its Laboratory Operations Into Singapore

  • Pathomics Health sets up its clinical diagnostics and research facilities in Singapore, focusing on Infectious Diseases and Oncology and hereby expanding its operations from Malaysia.

  • Pathomics Health will support the acceleration of healthcare and life science research in ASEAN markets by providing outsourcing research testing services in addition to its clinical diagnostics services.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 8 March 2022 - Pathomics Health, an organisation with a mission to provide affordable advanced clinical diagnostics, today announced its laboratory operations expansion into Singapore.

Pathomics Health representatives and its board of advisors -Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Dr Tan Eng Lee, Dr Jennifer Teo.
Pathomics Health representatives and its board of advisors -Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Dr Tan Eng Lee, Dr Jennifer Teo.
Dr Tan Eng Lee (centre) and Qiagen Representatives – Mr William Lin (left), Commercial Director of Korea & SEA and Mr Eric Goh (right), Country Manager of Singapore & Malaysia.
Dr Tan Eng Lee (centre) and Qiagen Representatives – Mr William Lin (left), Commercial Director of Korea & SEA and Mr Eric Goh (right), Country Manager of Singapore & Malaysia.

In 2019, Pathomics Health set up its regional ASEAN Headquarters in Singapore. The biotechnology and clinical diagnostics industry in Singapore is growing rapidly and partnerships are a key component of the industry’s success. Singapore is a global hub for advancement in life science research and clinical diagnostics.

“Pathomics Health is well positioned to support Singapore’s strong research and innovations, as well as thriving clinical diagnostics ecosystem. We aim to be the leading clinical diagnostics and research service provider in Singapore. We will focus our efforts to be in the forefront of molecular diagnostics to better support patients’ treatments. We welcome collaboration and partnerships from industries and research institutions to offer our test offerings and further our R&D efforts in infectious diseases and oncology” – Esther Foo, Director of Commercialisation and Innovations, Pathomics Health.


In 2021, Pathomics Health was appointed by Qiagen as its preferred laboratory outsourcing next generation sequencing solutions partner for ASEAN markets. Find out more about Qiagen appointed Exclusive ASEAN GENOMICS SERVICE PARTNER – Pathomics Health for Next Generation Sequencing Test Services.

In 2022, Qiagen will collaborate with Pathomics Health to expand innovative infectious diseases solutions for both research and clinical diagnostics in Singapore. The Singapore laboratory of Pathomics Health will deliver clinical diagnostics services for infectious diseases, including QIAstat system for respiratory syndromic pathogens panel and gastrointestinal pathogens panel, QuantiFERON for latent tuberculosis diagnosis and high throughput QIASymphony workflow for other important infectious diseases.

“Keeping our staff safe is paramount. Systems like QIAstat and QIAsymphony will be useful due to their automation which allows us to readily scale up our throughput with a faster turnaround time while reducing exposure risks for our staff when handling infectious specimens. “- Dr Jennifer Teo, Medical Director, Pathomics Health.

With the evolving COVID-19 viral strains, and the advancing development of vaccines and medications, Pathomics Health believes that monitoring the immune health of an individual against COVID-19 will be a useful tool to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In this light, Pathomics Health is working closely with GenScript to offer clinical diagnostics services using cPass™ SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization Antibody Detection test that was jointly developed by GenScript and Duke NUS. Most COVID-19 antibody test kits in the market evaluate the ability of a patient to generate antibodies to bind the virus, such as IgG, IgM, or total antibodies, but they do not tell whether such antibodies can neutralize the virus and break the virus life cycle, which is essential for a person's acquired immunity against the pathogen. The cPass™ test detects the antibodies that have blocking and neutralization function, and is therefore a better measure of potential resilience to re-infection. The cPass™ test is also relatively safer in comparison to alternative antibody tests to run in the lab and has a quick turnaround time of 1 hour.

“Detection of antibodies like cPass™ test or its future iterations can be useful to provide insights on COVID-19 investigations of sero-prevalence, assessment of herd immunity, longevity of protective immunity, efficacy of different vaccine candidates as well as tracking infection in animals. But more importantly, as a clinician, I would like a test that is able to shed light on my patient’s immune health against COVID-19 despite his or her vaccination status and the robustness of my patients’ immune health to fight future new COVID-19 variants, as well as susceptibility to severe complications and re-infections.” Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Infectious Diseases Physician, Rophi Clinic.

Pathomics Health Pte Ltd

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Pathomics Health, a diagnostics and research service provider, focuses on advanced precision diagnostics and digital healthcare solutions. Its full-service CAP (College of American Pathologists) - compliant laboratory deploys cutting-edge technologies that are clinically validated by international bodies such as FDA and CE-IVD. Equipped with a multi-disciplinary team of experts, Pathomics Health’s customers and patients receive high-quality diagnostics reports for better management of patient care and health outcomes. In 2017, the University of Malaya and Pathomics Health established GEMS@UM, a public-private partnership, to provide patients access to cost-effective precision medicine. In 2019, Pathomics Health established its regional headquarters in Singapore. In 2022, Pathomics Health is expanding its laboratory operations from Malaysia to Singapore.

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