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How Many Singaporean’s Wedding could The Royal Wedding Have Paid For?

Cherie Tan
The Royal Wedding and it's 53 million budget

Were you part of the 30 million people who tuned in to the Royal Wedding’s broadcast?

Oh yes, *reality check* we are a personal finance blog, what does the Royal Wedding got to do with personal finance? Before we get to that, here is a really short summary.

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

For such an extravagant event, for sure it comes with an exorbitant price tag.

TL;DR – 1 Royal Wedding can fund 1,892 weddings in Singapore

  • (Promise it isn’t long at all) The Royal Wedding’s budget is S$58 million
  • With the same budget, it is able to fund 1,892 typical weddings in Singapore
  • and also fund 3,460 not-so-typical weddings in Singapore

Here are the Expenses Involved in the Royal Wedding:

Security 30,000,000 53,949,693
Venue 350,000 629,413
Bride's Gown 300,000 539,497
Music 300,000 539,497
Catering 286,000 514,320
Drinks 193,000 347,076
Decoration and Production 130,000 233,822
Honeymoon 120,000 215,835
Floristry 110,000 197,816
Trumpets 90,000 161,877
Entertainment 55,000 98,925
Cake 50,000 8,9916
Toilets 35,000 62,952
Stationary 20,000 35,973
Photography and Videography 17,000 30,579
Hair and Makeup 10,000 17,988
Groomswear 8,000 14,390
Wedding Rings 6,000 10,794
Bridesmaids Outfits 5,000 8,995
Wedding Favours 3,000 5,397
Flower Girls and Page Boys Outfits 1,698 3,055
Church Fees 175 315
Transport FREE
TOTAL 32,089,873 57,708,125

Source: Bride Book

S$58 million on The Royal Wedding?!

That really is a lot of money involved in the Royal Wedding, and of course, the main bulk of it goes to security, that goes without saying. It was reported that S$1.8 million was used for Operation “Drone Destroyer“, where they deactivate intruders and take down drones from paparazzi. Not something that we get to see in our daily lives!

Let’s get back to Singapore’s perspective, as opposed to the Royal Wedding, we can eliminate the expenses such as trumpets, toilets, security etc.

A Typical Wedding in Singapore

A wedding in Singapore usually would cost about $20,000 to $50,000.

Here are the expenses for a Typical Wedding in Singapore:

Bridal Package 4,500
Wedding Bands 4,000
Dowry 2,750
Solemnisation 3,000
Wedding Banquet 28,000
Wedding Photography 3,250
Miscellaneous Costs 1,500
Honeymoon 6,500
Subsidy from Red Packets -23,000
Total 30,500

Source: ValuePenguin

With the budget that the Royal Wedding had, you will be able to fund 1,892 typical weddings in Singapore.

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A Not-so-typical Wedding in Singapore

As compared to a typical wedding that comes with a wedding banquet, there’s another option that you would go for that could potentially save you S$31,359.26!

This option is not so conventional, but if possible, it does save you a lot of money, money which can be used in the future. E.g. Housing renovations, children’s education.

Here are the expenses for a not-so-typical Wedding in Singapore:

Food 11,100
(Maybe you can add in free flow beer!)
Photography Package 660
Miscellaneous Charges ~5,000
Total 16,760

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By holding your wedding at a coffee shop, you save entirely on:

  • Transport expenses
    The coffee shop would definitely be close to either of the couple’s place
  • Bridal Package
    Not saying the bridal should wear home clothes or pajamas but a casual dress code would just do the trick!

Having excess savings, it allows you to be able to opt for your dream honeymoon!

With the Royal Wedding’s budget, that would be able to fund 3,460 not-so-typical weddings in Singapore!

Now, with that said, how are you going to hold your own royal wedding? The typical or not-so-typical way?

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