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LeTV Announces SuperTV Models and Prices, Launch in Late June


LeTV SuperTVs at the launch event, displaying the screen of a smartphone that is connected to them via wifi. Chinese video and television company LeTV has been talking about its SuperTV (a smart TV) for quite a while. In fact, you may remember that last fall Kaifu Lee's Innovation Works invested in the LeTV subsidiary that does its television hardware and software. Yesterday, LeTV CEO Jia Yueting announced the final details about the SuperTV at a press event in Beijing. The SuperTV comes in two models, a 39 inch model called the S40 that will cost 1999 RMB ($317), and a 60 inch model called the X60 that will cost 6999 RMB ($1,111). The TVs both feature 3D 1080p HD displays, and come installed with a LeTV operating system, app store, and streaming video platform that have all been designed specifically for a big-screen ecosystem. They both support wifi, and have some other cool features like the ability to be controlled via mobile phones. They also apparently feature a front-facing camera with some Kinect-like motion sensing capabilities. The televisions are being manufactured by Foxconn. Taking a page out of Xiaomi's book, the televisions will only be available directly through LeTV's online shop when they go on sale sometime near the end of June. Jia says that even the expensive X60 has twice the features of competing products at only half the price, so the company is clearly expecting the TVs to do well. So, presumably, is Kaifu Lee and the rest of Innovation Works. As with most products, though, it's hard to forecast what the future might hold for the SuperTV until its out in the world being used every day by people who don't work for LeTV. Will the apps fly or fizzle? Will the picture quality and color be as good as competing brands? We'll have to wait until June to find out. (via Sina Tech)
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