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8 Crucial Things Singaporeans Buying Property in Malaysia Need to Know (2024)

8 Crucial Things Singaporeans Buying Property in Malaysia Need to Know (2024)
8 Crucial Things Singaporeans Buying Property in Malaysia Need to Know (2024)

Are you a Singaporean thinking of property in Malaysia? You have probably seen news reports of Singaporeans crossing the Causeway daily to stay in their JB condo after buying property in Malaysia.

So the short answer is yes, Singaporeans can buy property in Malaysia. But that’s just the start. Can Singaporeans use CPF to buy property in Malaysia? Can Singaporeans own HDB and Malaysian property at the same time? The questions go on and on.

With the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), connections to Woodlands and the upcoming RTS Link directly to Woodlands North MRT station, you may consider buying a condo in Woodlands for a start to make frequent Ringgit shopping trips.


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Go to JB from Singapore: Latest News

  • Starting 19 March 2024, up to 10 people in the same vehicle crossing the Causeway by car can just use QR codes instead of their passports. They’ll need to download and install the MyICA mobile application and fill in their passport details (which can be done via Singpass)

  • Announced on 11 January 2024, the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link passed 65% of construction on both sides. One key milestone is the ‘drop-in span’, a connector that links Malaysia’s closest pier to Singapore and Singapore’s closest pier to Malaysia has been connected

  • In preparation for the operation of the RTS Link, which is on track to open by the end of 2026, expansion works on the Woodlands Checkpoint to accommodate more travellers will begin in 2025, with the first phase to be fully operational from 2032. It will be five times bigger and will reduce the travel time for motor vehicles by four times

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Prefer to stay near JB instead of buying property in Malaysia?

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KL-Singapore High-speed Rail: Latest News

Some Singaporeans buying property in Malaysia might prefer to live further north, in Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur or KL. As the distance from Singapore to KL is about 350km, this takes about 4 hours by car, 45 min by plane (not including check-in and clearing immigration) and at least six hours by coach.

Aha, but for Singaporeans who want to buy property in KL, the distance may soon be less of a concern. There’s been some news that Malaysia plans to revive its Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail (HSR) plans – while this is not confirmed, it’s still good news!

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Singaporeans Buying Property in Malaysia (2024)

Can Singaporeans Buy Property in Malaysia?

For Singaporeans buying property in Malaysia, first check if you have an HDB flat. If you do, has your HDB flat passed its Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)? This is typically five years – but there are other restrictions like a 10-year MOP if you have a Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) flat.

The consensus is that Singaporeans can buy property (and/or land) in Malaysia – just like any foreigner. However, the various foreign property ownership limits set by the different Malaysian states should be checked.

There’s no limit to the number of residential properties a Singaporean buying property in Malaysia can own. Meanwhile, those buying land can even enjoy freehold ownership!

Can I Use CPF to Buy Malaysia Property?

The short answer is no. The long answer, direct from CPF itself, is as follows: “CPF savings can only be used to buy properties in Singapore.”

Singaporean Buying Property in Malaysia: What Can You Buy?

Can buy

Cannot buy

Freehold commercial

Bumi lots (land reserved for Bumiputeras, indigenous Malaysians)

Industrial properties

Agricultural land (exceptions can be made if the land is over five acres and will be used for commercial purposes)

Vacant land

Malay reserved land


Low- to medium-cost residential units


In general, property should have a valuation of at least RM1 million (with exceptions in certain states)

Terrace houses



Can Foreigners Buy Property in Malaysia That’s Less than RM1 Million?

Unless you’re planning on buying property in Malaysia that comes under specific housing types, such as high-rise/strata title, overhang units; or in certain states like Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Penang, Perlis, Sabah or Sarawak – the consensus is that you’ll need a minimum purchase value of RM1 million (it’s RM2 million in some cases).

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Malaysia Without MM2H?

Yes, you can. However, there are merits to having the MM2H.

Singaporeans buying property in Malaysia can consider the Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H) visa for more affordable prices. The MM2H is a 10-year renewable visa, and requirements (i.e. financial, age, medical report and insurance, minimum property price, property tax and so on) might differ for certain states, such as Sarawak.

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If you don’t have MM2H, you might be subject to higher prices and will need to reapply for new visas constantly. You will also need permission from the relevant state authorities in Malaysia. Just more troublesome and expensive, but shouldn’t deter Singaporeans from buying property in Malaysia.

MM2H Rules


Minimum price / MM2H price


Up to RM2 million for landed / RM1 million


RM600,000 for Kedah, RM1 million for Langkawi / RM1 million


RM1 million / RM500,000


Up to RM1 million for landed / Up to RM1 million for landed

Negeri Sembilan

Up to RM1 million for overhang landed / RM1 million

Penang (Mainland)

Up to RM750,000 for overhang landed / RM500,000

Penang (Island)

Up to RM1.8 million for overhang landed  / RM500,000


RM1 million / RM350,000


RM500,000 / RM1 million


RM750,000 for overhang units / RM500,000


RM500,000 / RM300,000


Up to RM2 million / Up to RM2 million

Pahang, Putrajaya, Terengganu, WPKL

RM1 million / RM1 million

How to Apply for an Overseas Property Loan?

Singaporeans buying property in Malaysia will need to apply for an overseas property loan. Either that or pay in cash after taking a Singapore loan (check your Total Debt Servicing Ratio).

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Before going ahead, check the Malaysian property laws and jurisdiction. It’s best to engage a lawyer or a local property agent familiar with the Malaysian housing market and rules.

As for finances, Malaysia has some requirements that Singaporeans need to fulfil. Those below 50 need liquid assets worth a minimum of RM500,000 and an offshore income of RM10,000 monthly. You’ll also need to open a fixed deposit account with an amount of RM300,000 within Malaysia at any bank with a branch in Malaysia.

For Singaporeans buying property in Sarawak, only persons aged 50 years and above can buy Malaysian property. If you are younger (but over 30) and still wish to do so, you can be exempted if you are undergoing long-term medical treatment in Sarawak or have children enrolled in schools in Sarawak.

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