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JFDI Picks 8 Startup Teams for 2013 Bootcamp

Steven Millward
JFDI startup bootcamp 2013

The Singapore-based JFDI nurtured and graduated its first ever batch of incubated startups last May, and now it’s time for JFDI to pick out its next bunch of hopefuls.

In a new blog post today, JFDI points out that the eight selected startups have already won an immediate S$25,000 (US$20,000) investment to tide them over for 100 days and sleep-starved nights of programming, pivoting, and pot noodles. The grand prize comes at the next Demo Day where S$600,000 (US$485,000) in seed funding is up for grabs. As with any demo day, it’s also a chance to wow us bloggers and - more importantly - catch the eyes of investors.

Before seeing the list, JFDI notes that “10 percent of the entrepreneurs taking part are women, double the number from last year” - which is good news. Plus, 30 percent of those involved are Singaporeans, and the average team is made up of over three people to form a “holy trinity” of “a hacker, a hipster, and a hustler.” On this startup blog I guess I am, lamentably, the hipster [1].

Here are the chosen startup teams, including one familiar name to regular readers:

1. AskAbt

From India, this is a platform to manage real-time crowdsourced queries.

2. Collabspot

With team members from France and the Philippines, this startup aims to take a novel approach to customer relationship management (CRM).

3. DaytripR

Not yet online, this Singapore-meets-New Zealand team is an online data collection utility.

4. DocTree

DocTree is building software for medical practice management, and is made up of entrepreneurs from India and Singapore.

5. Duable Chinese

From the US, this is aimed at fairly proficient learners of the Chinese language and promises to “analyze your Chinese level and link you to personalized articles that match your reading level.”

6. FashFix

This is the most consumer-oriented startup of the eight, which “helps fashionistas turn their wardrobes into blog shops.” A joint Singapore and Malaysia startup.

7. MyFitnessWallet

From Singapore, this team is working on health and wellness analytics.

8. Referoll

Last on this alphabetical list is the familiar name Referoll. It rewards people for participating in market research and promises companies that it can find them great respondent-project matching. Its founders are from Singapore and Vietnam.

We’ll look out for the graduates in a 100 days’ time.

  1. He says while listening to the new My Bloody Valentine record on NPR.  ↩

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