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How to pick the right investments for you

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This content was produced in partnership with OCBC

Amid the unknowns and volatilities of today, investing has become crucial as an extra form of assurance. Beyond savings, investments are the key to reaching your short and long-term aspirations – whether they involve having the ability to travel and make more meaningful memories with your loved ones or setting aside enough funds for a comfortable retirement in the future. As intimidating as it sounds, every journey begins with a single step – and it is never too late to get started!

Although you can set investment objectives from the get-go, life is full of uncertainties, which is why flexibility is important for building a robust portfolio. Before making any investment decisions, it also pays to have a think about what type of investor you are to best navigate this ever-evolving world. Are you more risk-averse? Or open to exploring new and innovative avenues? By understanding your risk profile, you can make more informed decisions and grow your portfolio accordingly.

An investment for every investor type

  • If you are new to the investing game or need help deciding: Unit trusts are one of the more popular investment options as they offer a well-established way to diversify. With OCBC, you can enjoy added value by accessing wealth insights and top fund ideas that have been carefully selected by in-house investment experts. Alternatively, you can leverage OCBC’s RoboInvest portfolios and base your investment decisions on low, medium or high risk levels while learning more about the underlying assets across a variety of traditional and emerging industries in a simple way.

  • If you have themes you believe in: As the world slowly recovers from the ongoing impact of the global health crisis, post-pandemic trends revolving around accelerated digitalisation and sustainability will continue to drive economic growth. As a result, exciting opportunities in the electric vehicle (EV), Metaverse and ESG industries abound for investors who feel strongly about these particular themes. Through OCBC’s RoboInvest’s portfolios, you can invest in what you believe in by accessing 37 thematic and risk-based portfolios, including those based on growth in China, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and impact investing.

  • If you like being hands-on: With OCBC, you can make direct equity investments on the go in 15 global exchanges to broaden your horizons via an Online Equities Account. Grow your portfolio across a range of international REIT shares, ETFs, and bonds; and respond to market movements instantly with 24/7 access to your investments and the latest wealth insights at your fingertips.

  • If you prefer investing closer to home: Capitalise on the opportunities Singapore offers as a regional hub for finance, innovation and technology through OCBC’s Blue Chip Investment Plan (BCIP). Invest in Singaporean blue-chip industry leaders with a long record of profit growth, as well as ETFs such as Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF, Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF, and the Capital Land Integrated Commercial Trust (CICT) from just S$100 a month. The plan reduces the risk of market timings by adopting a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy. In this way, you lower your average cost price over time and have the avenue to flexibly scale up your investments according to your needs. Without a lock-in period, you can also withdraw them at any time.

  • If you already have a portfolio of equities and bonds: Diversification can help you further lower your risk while simultaneously increasing your potential for wealth accumulation. In uncertain times, precious metals are known to be risk diversifiers. OCBC allows you to invest digitally in gold and silver without the need to pay custody fees.

Regardless of your risk appetite or profile, OCBC will power your aspirations and structure your steps carefully towards achieving your dreams through a comprehensive suite of investment solutions. The first step towards financial independence begins with OCBC Digital.

• Access a wide range of investment products and 37 thematic/risk-based RoboInvest portfolios

• Gain access to wealth insights and top fund ideas from in-house investment experts

• Convert FX at competitive rates with S$0 conversion fees

• Fund your investments without having to do FAST transfers/telegraphic transfer (TT)

• Make recurring small-sum investments without having to set up new payees/GIRO arrangements

• Monitor the overall performance of your investment products anytime, anywhere

Kickstart your investment journey with OCBC today.


Important Information

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

This information is intended for general circulation and / or discussion purposes only. It does not consider the specific investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person.

Before you make an investment, please seek advice from a financial advisor regarding the suitability of any investment product taking into account your specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs.

If you choose not to do so, you should consider if the investment product is suitable for you, and conduct your own assessments and due diligence on the investment product.

We are not making an offer, solicit to buy or sell or subscribe for any security or financial instrument, enter into any transaction or participate in any trading or investment strategy with you through this document. Nothing in this document shall be deemed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell or subscribe for any security or financial instrument or to enter into any transaction or to participate in any particular trading or investment strategy.

Investments are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.

You will need to have an account with OCBC Securities Private Limited (“OSPL”) in order to make investments, trades and/or transactions with OSPL via OCBC Digital. The Online Equities Account, and all investments, trades and/or transactions (collectively, “Transactions”) made thereunder via OCBC Digital are operated, and made available to you directly, by OSPL (notwithstanding that they may incorporate the OCBC Digital mark, logo trademarks and/or other OCBC trademarks). The access and use of the Online Equities Account and all Transactions made thereunder via OCBC Digital are made directly with OSPL, and are subject to its terms and conditions. Under no circumstances will OCBC be responsible or liable for the provision, access or use of the Online Equities Account, and/or any of the Transactions made thereunder via OCBC Digital.

Collective Investment Schemes

1. A copy of the prospectus of each fund is available and may be obtained from the fund manager or any of its approved distributors. Potential investors should read the prospectus for details on the relevant fund before deciding whether to subscribe for, or purchase units in the fund.

2. The value of the units in the funds and the income accruing to the units, if any, may fall or rise. Please refer to the prospectus of the relevant fund for the name of the fund manager and the investment objectives of the fund.

3. Investment involves risks. Past performance figures do not reflect future performance.

4. Any reference to a company, financial product or asset class is used for illustrative purposes and does not represent our recommendation in any way.

For funds that are listed on an approved exchange, investors cannot redeem their units of those funds with the manager, or may only redeem units with the manager under certain specified conditions. The listing of the units of those funds on any approved exchange does not guarantee a liquid market for the units.

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