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Hong Kong beats Singapore in internet speed


The world's slowest internet connection is also in Asia.

According to an article by Pingdom, an internet monitoring service provider, Hong Kong offers the fastest internet connection in the world  with an impressive 54.1 Mbps. 

The data, obtained from Akamai, a global cloud platform also showed that Iran offers the slowest internet connection. Singapore is ranked 10th at 30.7 mbps.

Pingdom notes of the following important key takeaways from the study:

  • In the latest quarter, Hong Kong (54.1 Mbps) has increased its lead over South Korea (48.8 Mbps).
  • Of the current top five countries, it’s only Japan that has been able to pass Hong Kong and South Korea in the chart since 2007.
  • Hong Kong and South Korea have been rather lonely at the top, widening the gap to the other countries since the third quarter 2011.
  • The United States has dropped down to 14th place in the latest quarter, and added here just for reference.
  • None of the big European countries, like France, Germany and United Kingdom, made the top five list. United Kingdom, currently in 16th place with an average peak connection speed of 28.1 Mbps, has the highest ranking of the three.

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