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Guess who are the unhappiest workers in Singapore

Source: JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator

They scored only 54.2 in happiness index.

According to JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator, workers in the editorial/translation line of work have the lowest Work Happiness score of 54.2 points, making them the least satisfied of all workers by job function.

Here's more from JobsCentral:

The five job functions with most unhappy workers are:

  1. Editorial/Translation - 54.2
  2. Merchandising/Purchasing - 54.8
  3. Administrative - 57.7
  4. Finance - 57.9
  5. Customer Support - 58.9

The construction industry scored a credible 61.8 work happiness points this year over 2011’s 53.4 points. This is a remarkable increase of 15.7 percent. On the lower end of the score table sorted by industry, workers in the ‘Wholesale/retail trade’ and ‘Administrative & Support Services’ are the worst-off of the lot with 56.7 and 57.1 points.

First launched in 2009, the JobsCentral Work Happiness Indicator is a study to measure how happy Singapore workers are with their jobs. The 2012 survey has 3,299 respondents and data was collected via an online questionnaire between 20th September and 19th October, 2012. 

The survey was voluntary and open to all Singapore workers aged 16 years and above. Incomplete and duplicated responses were discarded and do not contribute to this count.

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