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GREE Announces 'Dino Life,' the First Android Title from its North American Studio


This morning we mentioned that GREE (TYO:3632) had announced a couple of new game developer partnerships in CrowdStar and iWin. And now this evening the company is announcing a brand new title from its North American studio with the release of Dino Life, which is exclusively for Android.

GREE describes the game as free-to-play, where players can collect and breed dinosaurs as they expand their pre-historic tribe. You can hatch new species of dinosaurs, and cross-breed them into something entirely new. The company’s SVP of social games, Eiji Araki, noted in today’s announcement:

GREE is excited about the recent advancements in Google Play and its potential to expand the free-to-play ecosystem on Android Dino Life is our first Android title and exemplifies our commitment to offer unique gameplay mechanics, great social features and highly-stylized art in each game.

The artwork that we’ve received from GREE looks pretty sharp, as you can see below. It’s fun to see the kinds of games that GREE is putting forth from its various studios as their business expands across borders. Currently, in addition to the San Francisco office and its Tokyo headquarters, GREE also has offices in London, Dubai, Beijing, and Sao Paolo.

GREE’s new North American studio has already published a couple of iOS titles in Alien Family and Zombie Jombie.

dino life
dino life
dino life