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Founder Institute Showcases Its Singapore-Based Startups

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The Founder Institute, the world largest startup accelerator, held an event yesterday to showcase some of its top graduated Singapore-based startups who are in the process of fundraising. I was there at the event and the startups that pitched look really interesting. Here are eight promising ventures we saw there:

1. Docubuzz

Docubuzz aims to improve office collaboration. It uses cloud computing and works across lots of mobile devices as well to create solutions, the startup says, that make interaction more efficient, productive and real-time.

2. Gridblaze

The proximity based cloud storage service helps to store user-generated content for web and mobile apps in a much faster way. Its Content Storage Network(CNS) platform allows content to be uploaded to a local storage node.

3. iCarsClub

iCarsClub is a familiar concept: an online marketplace which allows car owners to monetize their “free” car time through renting out the vehicle to those who are in need of a car for a short period of time.

4. FamilyPlay

FamilyPlay provides apps for children to play and learn at the same time. It also provides parents with weekly insights on child development.

5. Vibease

Vibease helps couples in long distance relationship to remain connected and intimate with a personal massager gadget that can be controlled via smartphones. Regular readers will remember that Vibease wowed the audience at our Startup Asia Singapore conference last year. The app is avaible on iOS and recently it released an Android version.

6. Eumakh

Eumakh is a personalized music video channel which provides the latest, hottest K-pop music videos for Korean music fans.

7. NoiseStreet

NoiseStreet turns any screen into a advertising tool by engaging customers in games or challenges. Viewers get a chance to play and receive a reward, which in return helps to increase brand awareness for the advertiser.

8. Clubvivre

Clubvivre provides private exclusive dining experiences, delivered by top chefs not in restaurants, but at your very own home.

If you know about other interesting startups, feel free to email us. Alternatively, you can submit tips here and/or your startup here.

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