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Developers required to submit walking, cycling plans for new commercial property projects


New rules will kick in starting July.

Property developers in Singapore will be mandated to consider the needs of pedestrians and cyclists when submitting their development plans, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said.

Developers will be required to submit a Walking and Cycling Plan (WCP) starting July, in line with the government’s Walk Cycle Ride SG vision.

As part of the WCP, developers will have to plan for the safety, convenience and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists in the development design.

The walking and cycling routes from key transport nodes and surrounding areas should be reviewed carefully, with provisions for covered walkways or linkways, and safe pedestrian and cyclist crossings. 

It should also incorporate facilities for cyclists - such as bicycle parking facilities, shower rooms and lockers. Vehicular routes should be located away from pedestrian and cyclist routes to better ensure safety for these users.

The WCP will initially apply to commercial developments, such as shopping complexes, offices, business parks, as well as schools, where we expect high pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

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