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Crowdsourcing Week to Hold First Global Conference in Singapore

Emily Goh

Yesterday, the event known as Crowdsourcing Week announced its first ever global conference on crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and open innovation that will run from June 3 to 7, 2013. This five-day event in Singapore will focus on how “a crowd of people” can make remarkable contributions at the enterprise level through a collaborative business model. According to Epirot Ludvik Nekaj, the CEO and co-founder of Crowdsourcing Week:

Crowdsourcing is rapidly expanding as a disruptive practice in the working world and we see more and more companies trying to utilize the huge potential. The democratized web promises to become the next revolution that will change business as usual.

This international conference aims to help educate, engage, and equip the new generation of top-level business executives, entrepreneurs, government, and nonprofit leaders. It’ll focus on trends and on topics covering best practices in open innovation, delivering insights into the business dynamics of the future, and demonstrating the impact of these technologies. Crowdsourcing Week 2013 has more than 30 sessions planned for the event, which showcases field experts and practitioners who will address the various topics on latest trends, strategies, and innovations, such as Shelly Kuipers from Chaordix and Sean Moffitt from Wiki Brands. Furthermore, there will be a pitch competition during the conference targeted at crowd-centric startups selected by a panel of experts from different industry sectors. More information regarding the startup pitch competition will be released next month. Crowdsourcing Week is also working closely with Singapore’s government agencies with the aim of highlighting Asia, especially Singapore, as the emerging global hub of business innovation. For more information on Crowdsourcing Week 2013, the conference speaker lineup and topics, please see Disclosure: Tech in Asia is one of the media partners for Crowdsourcing Week 2013. See our ethics page for more details