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COVID-19 Budget: Singapore allocating additional $48 billion to combat ‘unprecedented crisis’

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    i hope the monies do not just go to businesses because who owns those companies can be more foreign than local, administration of the funds can be a victim of creative accounts and how do we ensure the monies will help company retain staff ? (local staff of course) . but rather, some substantial amount credited directly to individual singaporean personal account.
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    Please do not give any more money to the greedy landlords who may NOT pass on the savings to their lessees (ie businesses) . . . please give directly to the businesses to help them tide over the next six months. Individuals from the lower income group should also be given more rebates/cash payouts . . . Gov must use this extra budget wisely and prudently as our reserves are built up by our super hardworking ancestors who built/developed Singapore from third world to first world.
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    Stop paying FT scholarship. U can save 320m every year
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    This COVID-19 Budget has no meaning to retirees. Costs of living keep going up depleting their savings quickly; and now with this COVID-19 costs of living has not come down but have went up further. So, where to get more money or how to expand their savings to last longer? Some of the days, they wake up and just wonder how to get the next meal. Maybe with the help of COVID-19 they need not worry about their savings; just don't need it anymore.
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    Milk Tea
    Many business are going down or will be going down and many will go out of job. Hope this budget can give some help to all.
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    Situation sibei jialat liao... This 48 billion can last how long to prop up the economy... We are not like China or the USA whereby they can depend on internal consumption once the situation in the country gets better. Singapore depends on trade with the world. This time many businesses will go bankrupt and people will lose their jobs. Govt, you should allow the citizens who are jobless and or facing financial hardship to withdraw their CPF MONIES... Desperate time calls for desperate measures... Your election success will be defined on how much interest you have for Singaporeans.
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    I hope a full transparency and detail of where individuals $ goes to. At this point of time, accountability and traceability is very important.
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    Temasek equity shareholdings and those of its subsidiaries have plunged almost $24 billion since January as the spreading coronavirus sends markets into spasms. Who is going to be accountable for the 24 BILLION LOSS?
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    Hope the government will also help those have lost their jobs. Especially the sole breadwinners who needs to support their family and their children are still schooling.
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    All helps should only for singaporeans...