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CodeRage Aspires to Show Singaporean Students Startups Are Great Places to Work

vanessa tan

Despite all the entrepreneurial buzz happening in this tiny, little island of Singapore, often one of the pain points raised by startups is the lack of talent. I would agree that it’s an issue, given the select pool of working hands is already pretty small to begin with. Generally, most graduates would prefer joining large corporations or banks, leaving startups as the secondary - or last - option in terms of their career choices. Hence, founders of three Singapore-based startups, Hagglr, Ubersnap, and Spawt, have joined forces to organize CodeRage, a hackathon and party event catered to students and hackers in the nation. This event aims to raise awareness of startups as potential employers, on top of educating the public that Singapore has exciting startups where students and hackers can build careers. One of the co-organizers, Arnav Kumar, tells us more:

With this event, we would like to highlight the problems that [students and hackers] can potentially tackle. [...] The competition is based on a question that can be implemented [and solved] in several different ways. [...] It will also be timed so they will have to figure out the most suitable solution to the problem.

Arnav also added that participants will be tested on their web development skills, using RESTful APIs. The event will take place on December 7th at Fusionopolis. For more information, you can visit the CodeRage 2012 website, or grab your tickets here.