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BetterMe making your fitness and weight-loss goal simple, real, and achievable

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Ideally, everyone should have a perfect body mass index to live a healthy and happy life full of confidence. Unfortunately, over 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older are either overweight or obese. Besides health challenges, the biggest tragedy of being overweight is the “sense of pain” attached to the extra layer of fat affecting the perception of appearance. The willingness to shed or control fat deposition is universal, but the will differs from person to person. Thanks to the digital revolution, now you have some of the well-conceptualized and designed mobile applications to help you find the ideal state of body and mind. The “BetterMe” app of young Ukrainian women entrepreneur Victoria Repa is one such platform that is the perfect destination for all those for whom gyms are not a feasible option.

With over 57 million downloads, the app is definitely one of the best among class “pocket trainers”. With a mission to “widen the smiles of users’ faces”, the BetterMe app is on its course to make the world a better place by making people feel better and live better.

The approach

When it comes to achieving body mass index (BMI) goals, the biggest challenge is the sustained self-motivation to burn fat realistically. BetterMe has been conceptualized with the simple approach of promoting self-love so that self-care could follow automatically. The “relationship with self” model encourages a mindful lifestyle, better nutrition, and of course, the personalized fitness strategy to make the weight-loss journey enjoyable and measurable.

Unlike other apps, BetterMe looks beyond the behavioral, psychological, or cultural aspect of weight gain and adopts a more compounded approach of achieving an ideal state of mind-body, the most important requirements to keep one fit and healthy in the long run. The app focuses on making users aware of a healthy life, something a little beyond physical appearance.

Since the best strategy is making users aware of the need of the body so that weight-loss gain could be achieved realistically without sacrificing strength and comfort. Positivity is the key here, and positivity comes from acceptance, so the app helps you capture and track progress so that you could accept reality and plan better with better commitment.

Balancing mind and body

Balancing mind and body
Balancing mind and body

Sustained motivation is the most important factor in the overall weight-loss strategy. No matter how hard you try, studies suggest most people regain weight within a year once the torturous regimen phase ends. BetterMe promotes inner changes through cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) by eliminating negative thought patterns so that you could have a healthy mindset to achieve weight-loss goals realistically without pain.

Understanding the mental frame is difficult, so the app provides you with mental health experts so that you could avoid mental roadblocks and stay motivated lifelong to keep weight under check. Once your mind has all the answers, you are ready for actions with better commitment to achieve better results in less time.

Act right with BetterMe

The weight loss itself is a big challenge, so the BetterMe founders tried to eliminate all possible challenges that make any “pocket trainer” complex. Simplicity is the key here so that people of any age group, weight, race, culture, and body type could use it with ease. All you need to do is download from your GooglePlay or Apple AppStore and fill in the minimum possible personal details related to your physical aspects and start using the app for free or choose a 7-day plan for 6.99$, a 1-month plan for 19.99$, or a 3-month plan for 29.99$.

You are ready to start shedding those extra layers of fat by following highly effective fitness strategies and using cutting-edge built-in tools to make it easier for you to look and feel better.

Comprehensive workouts

Comprehensive workouts
Comprehensive workouts

It is a fact that everyone is unique and needs a unique approach to achieve desired weight loss and fitness results. BetterMe offers you personalized workouts depending on your age, weight, fitness level, body type, and weight-loss goal through the user testing feature. There are specially designed strategies for seniors and differently-abled users.

Mental orientation

The biggest challenge in the path of a weight-loss journey is mental exhaustion. BetterMe focuses on positively orienting your mind for self-love and self-care. Once you are aware of the reality, you are better prepared to achieve your goal realistically. Humans are naturally conditioned to for rewards, the app makes it possible for you to set body-part specific weight-loss goals and start suitable workouts with a positive mind.

Diet-based meal plans

Diet-based meal plans
Diet-based meal plans

Keeping the food habit diversity in mind the BetterMe app offers you the option to choose your most preferred diet type to help you manage weight without sacrificing your natural appetite. Besides a plethora of diet options, the app offers you tools for intermittent fasting and lifestyle habits-related eating plans. The app comes with a barcode scanner to measure your calorie intake on a daily basis.

Experts intervention

Health and fitness management is a complex and multidisciplinary system, your personal awareness is of great help but not enough. The weight-loss regimen requires meticulous planning and of course dedicated execution. The app provides you, certified instructors and dieticians, to help you get personal assistance as and when required to achieve your goals painlessly.



Aligning personal goals with social goals is of great help in keeping you hooked to the aim. BetterMe enables socialization with like-minded individuals, making it easy for you to share breakthroughs and struggles. Your inputs could help someone course-correct, isn’t that a great morale booster to do even better? Engagement is the key, so the app offers you challenges like full-body HIIT, total cardio, no sugar, or four-week burn along with the community to achieve miraculous results in a competitive atmosphere.

Mental-health care

Mental-health care
Mental-health care

If you are in love with your body, not obsessed, you will find ways to keep your body in good shape. The BetterMe app keeps on adding new aspects of mind-body balancing so that you could keep yourself motivated for healthy habits and long-term weight management. Most importantly, the app has meditation tools to help you maximize the brain’s potential so that you could manage anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and sleep disorders.

Progressive innovation

Progressive innovation
Progressive innovation

The BetterMe app is all about inclusiveness in progress, be it features or the diversified user base. Now the app offers your multiple language options along with several trackers like calorie, steps, water, etc.

No one knows you better than yourself, so BetterMe is all about making you love yourself more so that you could manage weight with happiness. It is not about which app is better, but about making your journey smooth and shed those extra layers of fat that undermine your confidence and make you self-conscious of appearance. The BetterMe app ranks and rates better than other apps when it comes to personalization and care. The feedback, overwhelmingly, says so.

What if we told you that real changes start from a positive attitude and self-love? Take this BetterMe quiz now to get a personalized action plan for a healthy lifestyle transformation that’s noticeable inside and out!

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