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Best Investing Courses In Singapore and What To Consider

Neha Gupta

There are several investing courses in Singapore for those looking to start investments. Although there is a lot of information nowadays regarding investments it could be appropriate to attend an in-person course. If you are a newbie in the world of investing and you have little business knowledge a trainer can help sharpen your skills and become a successful investor. There are several investing courses in Singapore regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro seeking to expand skillset.

However, if you are looking for investing courses in Singapore there are some factors you have to consider. Some of the factors to consider guiding you to pick the right course include:

Trainers: having a good trainer is very important if you are to be successful in making investment decisions. Conduct research on the credentials of the trainer and it is better to go for the experience than outright paper qualifications. Trainers also have different investment backgrounds, therefore, researching on the trainer can help you know which one fits the path you plan to take.

Your schedule: Before deciding on the investing course to take it is important to consider your availability schedule and the time the course is offered. You should find an investing course that suits your schedule and if you want to finish it quickly understand first what the course offers before investing in it.

Understanding what the course offers: It is important to set your mind of what investing knowledge you want to acquire. For a beginner start with a basic course especially free courses that will offer you sufficient knowledge. If you are a veteran that wants to expand and specialize you can consider a paid course where you can get one-on-one mentorship. Most importantly the cost of the investing course should not be the determinant of whether or not you want to take it.

Accessing material in advance: If you consider attending the training of a renowned investor or investing trainer it is important to read available material beforehand. Reading in advance gives you a chance to determine whether the course is ideal for you. Having prior information will help you understand whether the investing style of the trainer resonates with your needs.


Best investing courses in Singapore

If you are looking to get investment training there are numerous courses in Singapore for you irrespective of whether you are a beginner or seasoned investor. Here are some of the best investment courses in Singapore;

  1. Value Investing College

This is the biggest value investing training firm in Singapore. The training company offers the Technology-Assisted Stock Hacking Masterclass. You get to learn how to use Wealthpark a platform that can help you make informed investment decisions.

The Technology-Assisted Stock Hacking Masterclass will help you to learn how you can use fraud detection to prevent losses. You will also learn about the 3R system that can help you reduce risk and take advantage of opportunities. This is a four-hour training that you can easily fit into your schedule. They also offer a three-day Value Investing Bootcamp that trains you on how to grow wealth and your passive income.

  1. Dr Wealth

Dr Wealth provides unbiased investment training to investors at an affordable cost. The investing training ranges from personal finance to REITs and digital currencies. They have introductory courses in Early Retirement Masterclass, Intelligent Investors Immersive Program, Quant-Investing Workshop, 8-Figure Trading Blueprint. All these courses are offered free and they are offered in workshops for two and a half hours. Equally, they periodically offer training in Personal Finance Fundamentals Course.

  1. Singapore Exchange Academy

This is the training arm of the Singapore Exchange limited and it offers training and education programs at various levels. Academic institutions and industry players develop and deliver the courses.

For beginners, some of the courses offered are Technical Trend training, Building Retirement Fund Through Stock Investment, and Basics of Investing Plus-Foundation of REIT Investing. There are also intermediary courses like Exotic Options and Trading Strategies, Introduction to Bonds, and Prices, Yields and Strategies. Professional courses include Short Tem Trading Strategies, Gaining a Trading Edge through price and Volume action and essential of Professional Futures trading with TA.

The fees charged for the courses range from free for beginners to $2,400 for professionals depending on the level. The courses are available in face-to-face seminars and e-learning which can fit your4 schedule.

  1. Trading with Rayner

Rayner Teo an independent trader can help you learn the strategies and techniques of Forex trading. He has a collection of free online material under the “TradingWith Rayner Academy.” If you want to learn Forex Trading Basics as well as other trading topics you easily get free material in the form of transcripts and videos. Besides the free material, the Trend Following Mentorship Program can also help you learn how you can identify trading set-ups and understand technical analysis. This is a great source to kick start your investment training because it is self-training and you can learn any time.

  1. The Fifth Person

They offer Singaporeans with investing and financial literacy training that enables one to cultivate intelligent money practices. The site offers investment articles as well as an online course on investing in REITs and dividend stocks called Dividend machines. They offer another course they call Investment Quadrant that covers management, business financials as well as valuation.

  1. Mind Kinesis Value Investing Academy

Value investing Academy offers free value investing workshops and it has so far offered training to investors in over 11 cities across Asia. There is a free Value Investing Masterclass course that introduces investors to the stock investment method called Cash Flow Options Strategy. The CFOS strategy is one reportedly used by Investment expert Warren Buffet. Equally, you can get to learn other investment strategies and concepts through Value Investing Academy including picking of undervalued stocks. The mode of delivery is through a two and half hours workshop which can suit any schedule. The good thing is that the courses are offered free.

Besides the mentioned, there are other investing courses in Singapore that can provide you with valuable investment knowledge. You can consider checking the New Savvy, and NAV Hub for more investing training.

(By Neha Gupta)

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