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Best companies to work for in Singapore 2018 (& Tips on how to identify a good workplace)

Neha Gupta

Top Companies To Work For In Singapore

The most sought after places of work are known to exhibit traits for fostering excellence and productivity, in addition to bumper pay perks that people yearn for. The best workplaces in Singapore don’t leave culture to chance in a bid to make employees feel at home, as they go about their daily chores

Companies with the best workplaces in Singapore achieve their goals in ethical and honest ways while going overboard to improve the planet and humanity. Cases of bullying sexual harassment and intimidation are unheard off in these workplaces, seen as one of the reasons why most people cherish to be part of their network.

Such companies also operate in a way that staffers always look forward to coming back to work on feeling appreciated in addition to being rewarded for their services. Most companies are increasingly trying to build great workplace in a bid to get employees to give 200% in whatever they do.

Studies have shown that the rising millennial generation is not the type to be sitting in offices and doing normal routines. Being part of a broader network focused on driving change is the goal of most people joining the workforce in Singapore.

Trust is another issue that the new generation of workers cherish the most in places of work. It is no secret that employees want to be certain and assured that they can trust the people they are working with

“We realized trust was very important – they want to be trusted and respected. The hotel industry is very competitive, so it is very important to us to keep our people – to create the environment where our people are happy, and we become a first choice employer,” said Patrick Fiat, General Manager of Royal Manager on Scotts.

While most companies tout their places of work during the interview process, most of them fall short to the surprise of new employees who expected better. Dissension, poor communications and general dysfunction are some of the issues that employees have had to contend with in workplaces.


Best Companies to Work For In Singapore 2018

Just as the saying goes’ a happy employee is a productive employee,’ the best companies to work for in Singapore come with some of the best perks and traits geared towards fostering creativity and productivity.

It is common knowledge that companies with excellent work culture outperform their rivals in almost all aspects.

Below are some of the best companies to work for in Singapore divided into broad categories. The ratings are based on employee’s reviews.


Singapore’s Most Sought After Banking, Finance and Accounting Employers

Singapore financial sector is filled with both local and international companies, all offering different types of jobs right from banking, finance, and accounting.

OCBC has emerged as one of the most sought-after employer, not only in Singapore but across the region. DBS bank is also on top of finance professionals wish list given the terms of employment it offers as well as it pay perks and bonuses.

These two banks are preferred employment destination for most people partly because they are known to be profitable and are financially stable. Price Water House Coopers, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, NTUC Income, Monetary Authority of Singapore BNP Paribas are also exciting employment destination in the broader finance industry.

The fact that these banks, insurance companies and organizations rarely make large-scale redundancies also make them desirable for people looking for long-term employment opportunities

The likes of JPMorgan, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley and Standard Chartered companies are seen as preferred employment destination because of their competitive salaries and bonuses. Being employed by a U.S Bank or international company also comes with a lot of prestige both in the family and business circle.

“Branding is important to Asian job seekers and the world’s largest companies today are even more dominated by U.S. brands than they were five years ago,” says Eric Sim, a former UBS MD, now an adjunct associate professor of finance at HKUST. “US banks are also less affected by economic and political problems in European countries.”


The Best IT/Technology and Engineering Firms to Work for In Singapore

Singapore being a tech hub in the region is blessed with some of the biggest and fastest growing tech companies in the world. So it comes as no surprise that most people prefer to work in the country’s tech industry rather than go abroad.

The best tech companies to work for in Singapore are judged based on their ability to inspire people culture, the spirit of innovation as well as competitive pay perks and human resource policy.In addition to looking for friendly working environment, tech savvy professionals in Singapore are known to cherish companies that encourage and promote innovation.

Top on the list as the best tech employer in Singapore is the Agency for Science Technology and Research, with 18 research institutes and several consortia. It also boasts of a vast community of scientist’s researchers and industry development and commercialization staff.

Coming a close second is software giant, Microsoft, whose pay packages are some of the most sought after in the industry. Other sought-after companies include Rolls Royce, 3M, Defense Science and Technology, General Electric as well as Sony and Ubisoft Singapore.

Other little-known companies that offer exciting employment terms and pay perks include Razer and Red Hat Inc. both of which specialize in software development. EON Reality a big player in the gaming industrial also continues to elicit strong interest as well as Tableau, a data visualization company.


Companies to Work For in Singapore’s Hospitality, Leisure and Travel Industry

In the travel industry, it does not get any better than working for Singapore Airlines, given its reputation in the region as well as the additional benefits such as traveling and bonuses. Changi Airport group comes a close second given that it offers the opportunity to work in a world class environment with abundant opportunities for learning and growing. The company also provides an opportunity to influence a unique airport community of 50,000 people.

French multinational L’Oreal is also one of the most sought-after employment destination in the cosmetic business. It is a desired places of work as it provides people an opportunity to flex muscle and put iconic products in billions of people’s hands. Given that it is an international company, the pay is sure to get anyone excited.

In the tourism sector, Singapore Tourism Board, CapitaLand, Marina Bay Sands and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, as well as Intercontinental Hotels Group, are some of the most sought-after places of work.


Companies with the Best Workspaces in Singapore

Companies in Singapore have gone overboard to provide one of a kind workstations, in addition to providing competitive salaries to offering, in a bid to get the best out of their staff. Offices being given an upgrade to fit a particular culture or area of specialization is not something new in the country.

Stunning office layouts to desk-less workspaces are some of the latest designs that big corporations are incorporating to make workplaces interesting in a bid to get staffers motivated from the time they report to work to when they leave.



Google is living to its credentials as it continues to go the extra mile in everything it does. In addition to providing one of a kind services to customers, the company also accords its staffers friendly environment to operate from.

The tech giant sure knows how to capture the attention and imagination of its staffers given the lobby decorations that make up the first impression into its headquarters. Right, from the entrance, you are sure to be greeted by the company’s symbols which are complimented with decorations that fit every month theme.

Google staffers in Singapore can choose how they wish their workspaces to appear depending on their needs and requirements. Departments are also allowed to select hot desk or a fixed desk format. A micro kitchen is also in a place where anyone can walk in prepare whatever they wish.

Google’s Singapore offices also come with two resident coffee bars, serving some of the finest and freshest brewed coffee for caffeine deprived staffers. When it comes to meals, buffet is open to all employees free of charge.

The tech giant headquarters also house massage rooms where one can go to relax muscles, after a long day at work. Nail parlors are also on offer.


DBS Group

DBs Group provides its staffers lively and fast-paced environment for working unlike the traditional dull and laugh-less prisons known to trigger boredom. Despite being a giant financial institution, the bank’s workplace epitomizes the start-up culture, right from open room spaces to a multi-colored frenzy. The roundtable office setting allows employees to enjoy one or two brainstorming sessions, during the day.

Inverted gardens on the walls and ceiling, take the workplace atmosphere and outlook to another level, providing the impression that things are never that serious. Interns are allowed to interact with the top management, to brainstorm on new ideas.

A Starbucks Coffee store is also on standby, whereby employees can grab a cuppa, all at a discount before settling down to serious work.


Changi Airport Group

The scenery does not get any better once you walk into Changi Airport Group. Right from the entrance, one is sure to take notice of the spectacular interior design sure to capture any imagination. A right mixture of color on the walls and ceiling coupled with spacious lobby are some of the things that welcomes staffers.

Potted plant and vertical gardens all but create a soothing environment and fresh air that one needs for a refreshing day. Café and pantries with dramatic skylight and natural lighting are also on standby where one can go and take a meal or drink and still be able to work from.

Openness is the order of the day in Changi Airport Group, whereby workstations are divided visually, to allow for easy interaction. In addition, the company allows staffers to make slight adjustments to their workplace by adding such things as bean bags. Workstations can also be transformed into mini amphitheater.


Traits of a Good Workplace

Individuality vs. Teamwork

A good company to work for stresses the need for teamwork while at the same time encouraging individual achievement and creativity. Great companies blend individual talents of their staff into a team concept.


Nurturing Creativity

For a workplace to be considered great, it must at all times be open to new ideas and encourage creativity. Employees will always look forward to coming back to work, as long as they feel empowered to come up with ideas that can improve the future of a company.



Great workplaces are known to have a clear and specific purpose for existing. In this case, the mission of the company is clearly spelt out to employees, managers and customers. A well-articulated mission makes it easy for individuals to know and perform their specific roles and responsibilities.



Leaders play an enormous role in influencing how employees handle their task. Great companies are known to encourage leadership among the workers, as all staff members are invited to guide and mentor co-workers.



An enjoyable workplace is where all employees are treated with farness, in that rules are enforced equally without prejudice. Fairness in place of work also makes it easy for hard work to be recognized and rewarded accordingly. Such companies also have clear paths of communication where concerns and grievances are addressed accordingly.






(By Neha Gupta)

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