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Here, Best Champagnes for Your Celebration

Taha Khan

Champagne is a delicious sparkling wine solely produced in the North of France in the region that carries the same name as well. The chances are that you already had a cup of champagne until now and it probably, was for a special occasion. Champagne is usually the favorite drink for celebration, as we all associate this drink with special occasions and moments in our lives. The bubbly drink should be on your table at least twice a year – on New Year’s Eve and on your birthday. However, regardless of how often you drink champagne, you definitely always look for the best bottle to make the occasion even more memorable.

To make your life easier for future celebrations, we have created a list of best champagnes in the world and their prices. Let’s take a look at the most delicious bubbly drinks:


  1. Piper Heidsieck Brut

A bottle of Piper Heidsieck Brut costs $50 and is one of the greatest choices if you are looking for excellent champagne below $100. Discover the creamy texture, citric notes, full body and hints of flowers and brioche. A blend of more than 100 crus, this is a great choice for celebrations.


  1. Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee

The second recommendation on our list is the Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee that costs $65. The bubbly drink has gotten 94 points from the Wine Spectator publication. It’s a drink with a full body and good acidity. Great for birthdays and other important parties.


  1. Roederer Brut Vintage

The drink from 2008 costs $70 and has an elegant touch, perfect for weddings or other fancy events. It’s also a light drink for a long night of partying and celebrating life’s most beautiful moments. It’s an excellent vintage from 2008. Choose it for one of your exquisite events.


  1. Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose

Rose champagne is fourth on our best champagne for celebration list, and it’s priced at $80 per bottle. The drink has a medium body, with a mineral touch, being a crowd pleaser and also perfect for any type of celebration or special moments spent with your dear ones.


  1. Gosset Grand Blanc de Blancs Brut

A fancy name for fancy champagne. Priced at $85 a bottle, the drink has been defined as high-quality, made exclusively by using Chardonnay grapes. It has apricot, plum, and floral notes and a great citrus flavor.


  1. Ruinart Rose NV

The next recommendation is the Ruinart Rose NV at $94 a bottle. The Ruinart brand was the first one to commercialize Rose champagne in 1764. Also, it was the first brand to sell champagne exclusively. The Ruinart Rose is a great drink that will enchant you with strawberry and cherry notes. Enjoy it with your friends and family.


  1. Krug Grand Cuvee

A more expensive champagne, the Krug Grand Cuvee is sold at $170. The Krug brand is known to produce only premium products, so this entry-level champagne is just what you need for a great celebration. It has white flowers and pears notes, and it will be a delight for your guests.


  1. Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle

An impressive champagne at $180 a bottle, this Cuvee prestige drink is made with three vintages. A blend of pinot noir and chardonnay, it has delicious almonds, hazelnuts, honey, and brioche notes. It’s a great bottle of champagne for celebrations of all kind from fancy dinners to family gatherings or New Year’s Eve parties.


  1. Louis Roederer Cristal

This champagne is priced at $220, but the price is totally worth it. The drink was created for Alexander the second, Tsar of Russia. It’s a sophisticated drink with chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. The stylish bottle hides a caramel-filled body, a softness you can rarely find in a champagne and a nutty flavor you will fall in love with. Give it a try on special celebrations.


  1. Dom Perignon P2 Brut 1998

Dom Perignon is a well-known name in this industry and is recognized for its high quality of products. This type of champagne sells with $360 a bottle. It’s an exceptional drink with notes of toasted almonds, honeysuckle, and orange fruits. It’s a champagne with a creamy texture that will just let you want more. We say it’s a must for any important celebration!


  1. Moet MCIII

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience, the Moet MCIII is what you need. The champagne is a mix between futuristic and traditional elements that make every celebration special. The production process includes three types of drinks that make-up this incredibly delicious champagne. These include unoaked and oaked wines and vintage champagne. Enjoy it with the wonderful plums, nectarines, dates, vanilla, nutmeg, and citrus fruits notes. Only one bottle is $470; so save it for important events, such as weddings.


  1. Krug Clos du Mesnil

This champagne is not for anyone. With a price of $1300 for a bottle, it’s destined for those who have expensive tastes and are looking for a luxurious experience. The champagne is made exclusively with Chardonnay grapes. The champagne develops rich and tasty notes of vanilla, heliotrope, gingerbread, and candied lemon rind, being a delicious choice for celebrations in your life that are worth spending this money on such as weddings, anniversaries, and grand parties. It can also be a beautiful gift for someone you know is passionate about champagne as this is a precious drink to have.


  1. Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1998

At $2400 a bottle, this is one of the most expensive champagne bottles you can purchase. With apple, nuts, toffee, toasted bread, and a creamy mousse, this is a very delicious and luxurious experience you can have with a bottle of champagne. A bottle of this expensive champagne deserves a great reason to celebrate with your friends and family and share great moments of laughter, happiness, and joy. Bring it with you to fancy parties, dinner galas, and other luxurious events.

So, you have enough now to start thinking and making a perfect choice for your celebrations. Champagne is really a great option for celebrations and can get the party started at any time. Investing in a great bottle of champagne will guarantee a great event for you and your dear ones.


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(By Taha Khan)

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