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Airflowy, A Technology Startup Developing Smart Respiratory Health Solutions

·3-min read

Airflowy, a technology startup developing smart respiratory health solutions designed to assist patients with chronic lung conditions, today announced the closing of its preseed financing round. The funding round was led by Global Venture Capital Partners and angel investor Graham Newsome.

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The capital infusion will go toward expanding Airflowy’s team, establishing the company’s product initiatives and bolstering its commercialization efforts. Additionally, the startup will grow its strategic partnerships with research hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance plans, and healthcare providers. The company also plans to fast-track a petition for FDA clearance to allow the use of its portable spirometer for remote monitoring and diagnosis of COVID-19 patient symptoms.

Founded in April 2019 by Rhiannon Black, Airflowy’s smart pocket spirometer allows adults and children to better take charge of their respiratory health. Spirometry testing monitors lung function by measuring the amount of air you can inhale and exhale in a single forced breath. The company has designed a smart and stylish Bluetooth enabled device that converts exhaled air into an acoustic signal. Its innovative algorithm extracts the spirometric values and analyzes the test data to make predictions that lead to better management and patient outcomes.

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“Airflowy is passionate about developing smart technology that helps adults and children with chronic lung conditions take better control of their respiratory health,” said Airflowy founder and CEO Rhiannon Black. “We’re thrilled to partner with early investors who share our enthusiasm for telehealth and remote testing solutions to manage lung conditions, including COVID-19, for healthcare providers and their patients.”

Airflowy’s digital spirometer allows patients to accurately and remotely administer the same lung function test normally performed in a doctor’s office. Patients can easily view their FEV1% scores to monitor changes and see if they fall within the desired parameters set by their healthcare provider. The device connects wirelessly to a smart app to measure lung health. In addition to measuring FEV1 and PEF data, the app tracks symptoms, tracks current prescribed medications, and exports the data directly to a patient’s primary care physician.

Commenting on the seed funding round, Josh Beckham, Global VC Partners partner said, "We think Airflowy has built a smart, portable spirometer with a sleek design that shows promise in monitoring and treating respiratory conditions, including COVID-19. At Global VC Partners, we think it can be powerful when you combine the resources of a larger and more established VC with the agility of a small company. We look forward to being a partner in the company's future product developments."

About Airflowy:

Airflowy develops smart spirometry technology for healthcare providers and patients with chronic respiratory conditions. The respiratory health startup makes remote lung function testing easier and more accurate, aiding in the early detection of a decline in lung health, and providing doctors with valuable data to better manage a patient’s care. There are an estimated 500 million people worldwide diagnosed with asthma and chronic pulmonary disease (COPD).

Airflowy’s smart and stylish Bluetooth enabled spirometer provides live feedback during a lung function test through the use of an intuitive LED display, haptic vibration, and its mobile app. Test results can be administered remotely and shared in real-time with the patient’s primary care physician. The company’s smart solution can help reduce the need for trained healthcare professionals, increase the testing accuracy, and lead to better patient outcomes.

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