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8seneca Releases Disrupting IT Outsourcing Model for Businesses

The outsourcing solution, with skilled professionals, improved efficiency and reduced costs, can help companies expand team capacity and accelerate delivery speeds

SINGAPORE, Jan. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Singapore-based 8seneca Pte. Ltd. is thrilled to announce a new IT outsourcing model for businesses with its PurePlay IT Team Extensions services, which allow companies to get top industry talents for their teams.

8seneca provides companies with highly competent professionals with a broad range of relevant skills, while allowing them to retain full control over their products and intellectual property. Additionally, 8seneca's PurePlay IT Team Extensions provide client companies with flexibility on team sizes, along with agile integration on internal teams.


"With 8seneca, you can expand your team capacity and delivery speeds," said CEO Tomas Bucek. "Extension in a software development project is a way to bring in more members to your existing team."

IT outsourcing delivers external service providers and IT-enabled services, such as software development, maintenance, infrastructure services or consulting to derive meaningful business outcomes, Bucek said, in describing other benefits of outsourcing. Outsourcing can include utility services and cloud-enabled outsourcing, helping customers formulate the appropriate strategies; create the best, well-designed contracts; choose the best IT providers; and form deals fostering a win-win situation with the service providers.

The main idea of IT outsourcing is to reduce costs, improve efficiency, expedite the time to market and tap the potential of external expertise and intellectual property.

By outsourcing IT monitoring services, a company's IT manager doesn't need to worry about business hours, vacation or downtime. Through round-the-clock monitoring and support services, 8seneca is responsible for ensuring there's very little or no downtime.

For medium-sized or large-sized companies with in-house IT experts, outsourcing IT services provides them with free time, enabling the in-house talent to focus on more important areas. For example, suppose the in-house team spends time on improving the company's technologies or internal troubleshooting issues. In that case, the outsourcing providers can assume the otherwise routine tasks of software setup, hardware installation, network security, essential support and more.

There are many ways in which IT costs are considerably reduced through outsourcing through 8seneca. First, as external service providers perform most of the routine and time-consuming regular tasks, the need for in-house hires is reduced. Second, outsourcing providers usually offer flexible packages that can grow or fall depending on the company's business needs. This is not the case with in-house hires who are less flexible. Finally, the costs incurred on hardware and equipment can also be cut down as most of the work is outsourced.

IT outsourcing also provides increased security and compliance for companies. Among the major IT components, security and compliance are integral. While there may be in-house security experts, however, they may be skilled in only certain industries or businesses. Moreover, a crucial aspect like compliance cannot be managed by a single individual or a small team. On the flip side, outsourcing security and compliance ensures it is managed by the best experts.

8seneca also offers relocation consulting. Selected IT experts can use 8seneca's expertise in relocation services and, after an initial period of offshore work, can relocate to the client´s location.

Based in Singapore, 8seneca Pte. Ltd. is a global company with offices in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi); Nitra, Slovakia; and London. For more information, visit

About 8seneca Pte. Ltd.

8seneca Pte. Ltd. is a global Pure Play IT team extensions company based in Singapore, solely focused on b2b service without having own developed products for b2c market. 8seneca is connecting the expertise in remote staffing and relocation consulting. 8seneca helps companies to expand their teams with highly competent professionals with broad range set of relevant skills. The team extension services allow connecting top industry talents with superior projects and companies around the world with the possibility of relocation.

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Brand: 8seneca

Contact: Tomas Bucek, CEO



SOURCE: 8seneca