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7 most value-for-money items to buy from $2 shops like Daiso

Sarah Voon

When times are bad, you have to turn to cheaper alternatives when shopping. Thankfully, with places like Daiso and Tokutokuya, prices of items don’t go up! With everything selling for $2, you’ll be able to keep track of your purchases and budget easily. Here are our top 10 picks for best things to buy from Daiso and Tokutokuya that is the most value for money:


Wine bucket

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Wine Connection sells their wine buckets for about $50 but you can get one classy, transparent wine bucket from Daiso for $2! Just throw in some ice, put in that good bottle of wine and no one would even know the wine bucket is from Daiso! It is also lightweight, making it easier for you to carry the bucket around after it has been filled with ice and water.

Wine glasses

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While we’re on the topic of wine, Daiso also sells wine glasses in various sizes and for only $2 per glass, even if the wine glass breaks, at least it is easily replaceable!

Whiskey stones

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Yes, a lot of the good things to buy from Daiso are alcohol-related. But that is because many of these products cost a bomb to purchase outside. One of which is whiskey stones. Typically, whiskey stones sell anywhere from $10 all the way to $40. But if you’re not fussy about brands, Daiso has equally beautiful whiskey stones that will only cost you $2.

Gloves with touch-able fingertips

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If you’re heading to a cold country for a short holiday soon and don’t want to fork out a fortune on winter gloves that won’t allow you to touchscreen mobile device, Daiso offers a great, cheap alternative. Daiso’s gloves allow for texting on your smartphone and taking photos without ever having to remove them. They also come in stylish designs and colours. And if you decide not to bring them back from your holiday, throwing away a pair of $2 gloves won’t hurt as much!

Pet clothing

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If you have a little furkid at home, you will already know how expensive pet clothing can cost at specialised pet shops. They can cost up to $50 for just one shirt! But Daiso has a great selection of pet clothing. The designs change with the seasons, so if you’re the type of person who likes to dress your pets up in various outfits throughout the year, get your pet clothing from Daiso!


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Both Tokutokuya and Daiso sell beautiful crockery that will make any home party stand out. The unique Japanese designs are timeless and for only $2 each, again, it is easily replaceable if there are any kitchen mishaps! Tokutokuya even has a premium range of crockery that range from $3 to $9. Cheaper than what you would get from departmental stores for sure!

Hello Kitty branded items

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If you have ever walked into a Sanrio store, you will know that there is a ridiculous premium tagged onto the price of items in there. Hello Kitty is one of the most iconic cartoon characters of the past few decades and crazy fans have driven up the demand (and prices) of anything Hello Kitty (lest we forget the McDonald’s toys!). However, Daiso and Tokutokuya have both paired up with Sanrio to produce a range of Hello Kitty branded items that are exclusive to both retailers. This is where hardcore fans can stock up on their Hello Kitty stuff without burning a hole in their wallets.


(By Sarah Voon)

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