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7 in 10 employees keen to receive performance reviews


They believe feedback is helpful for career advancement.

Almost a fourth of Singaporean employees say that performance reviews are ‘very’ to ‘extremely’ important in helping them improve their jobs, according to an employment survey by Qualtrics.

Employees feel that performance reviews shows areas for improvement (87%), areas of good performance (57%) as well as marking their improvement over time (48%).

Additionally, 7 in 10 Singaporeans (77%) said that 360-degree peer feedback was ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ helpful in improving job performance.

88% believe that feedback from co-workers was ‘very’ and ‘somewhat’ helpful in career advancement.

“Contrary to popular belief, Singaporean workers don’t see constant input as stifling or overbearing. Employees crave feedback from their managers and peer so they can improve the way they do their jobs. Therefore, companies looking to develop strong leaders must start by managing employee engagement and performance effectively through consistent feedback,” said Qualtrics head of Southeast Asia Mao Gen Foo. 

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