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6 Signs You Secretly Hate Your Job

Fizah Hatman

This article was originally on at: 6 Signs You Secretly Hate Your Job

Do you hate your job? A lot of us in Singapore are just going through the daily grind passively (aka secretly hating our jobs). How many of us actually talk about our jobs positively and sincerely? The reality is, not all of us can actually say ‘I love my job' and actually mean it. Even if we are saying this, we're just chanting it under our breaths over and over again in hopes that we will some day believe in it.

Believe it or not, there are tell-tale signs that you secretly hate your job. So if you're just trying to lie to yourself about loving your job, let's just start being honest. I'm not saying that you definitely hate your job if you're experiencing one or all of these signs, but if you do, I guess it can be worth thinking about making some changes. We at have rounded up these 6 signs that are possibly telling you that you hate your job (not from experience of course, I absolutely love my job).

1. Unknowingly On The Lookout For Job Offers

Instead of doing your work, you find yourself going to job sites scrolling through to see what else is out there, all in the name of ‘keeping yourself in the loop'. Let's face it, you're only on it because you're looking for a way out of your job, ASAP.

2. Taking A Little Too Many ‘Refresher' Breaks

Is tea time every two hours for you? Sorry to break it to you but, normal people take tea breaks like once or twice a day. If you find yourself just aimlessly snacking just so you can have an additional ten minutes of ‘rest' time, I think it's time to re-evaluate why you're working where you are in the first place. Or maybe you're just always hungry, in that case, snack away.

3. You Only Have Friends At Your Office Because They Can't Stand The Same People As You

‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend', wise words dating back from World War II. Think about the people you can't stand in the office, and then pretend they don't exist. Now think about the people you're actually friends with at the office, would they still be your lunch buddy now that the people you don't like aren't there anymore? If your answer is anything but a solid yes, then I don't think you actually want to be around the people in your office.

4. When The Highlight Of Your Day Is Saying Hello To The Cleaning Uncle/Auntie

Because they are the only person in your bubble who won't talk about work. You'd much rather hear them talk about how much their feet ache or how their children aren't giving them enough money than hear what your colleagues have to say.

5. When Your Pantry/Toilet Becomes Your Safe Place

It always starts out as an innocent toilet break, until you start to realise how much you like scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook while on the can.

And then you start to realise how much you dread walking back to your desk after you've had a quick snack at the pantry.

There's also no limit on your 'safe place' boundary. Basically as long as it's away from your desk, it automatically becomes your safe place where you can take a mini nap or recollect yourself before getting through the rest of the day.

6. You Give In To Your Vices (A Little Too Much)

It's okay to indulge in your vices once in awhile. A little shopping on Mondays, one or two Martinis on Wednesday and a little mahjong or poker session with your friends on the weekends. Sounds harmless doesn't it?

Okay, but what if you're drinking a little too much on more than just Wednesdays? Or what if your credit card bill starts to get choked up because you're swiping it a little too much? If you find yourself delving into your vices as the only escape from your work, then it might be time to quit.

Should You Quit Your Job?

Okay, so maybe you don't necessarily have to quit your job if you're starting to harbour all these negative feelings. Maybe all you need to do is achieve a better work-life balance that can improve your mood and attitude towards work.

If that's the case then these 12 tips on how to achieve a work-life balance might help.

If that still doesn't help though, then maybe it's time for a career move. Whatever it is, you shouldn't be doing something if you realise that you hate your job so much.

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