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6 of 10 countries with highest consumer confidence are Asians


Singapore is not included.

Nielsen's 4Q12 consumer confidence survey ranked Singapore 16th with consumer confidence index of 95 or 3 points lower compared to 4Q2011.

Global consumer confidence indexed at 91 in Q4 2012, a one-point decline from Q3 2012, but an increase of two points from Q4 2011.

According to consumer confidence findings from Nielsen, the relatively flat global average across the last year doesn’t tell the entire story.

Across the 58 countries it measured in Q4 2012, confidence declined in 33 countries, remained flat in six countries, and increased in 19 countries relative to the prior quarter. "

“Consumers around the world grappled with increasing economic concerns as the Euro zone crisis spread from troubled to core countries, the United States fiscal cliff threat loomed large, and China’s rising inflation sparked monetary policy action,” said Dr. Venkatesh Bala, chief economist at The Cambridge Group, a part of Nielsen. “Consumers are proceeding with caution in 2013 and showed renewed discretionary spending restraint in the last quarter amid further global economic and political uncertainty.”

Countries with highest consumer confidence include India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China, Malaysia and Norway.

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