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5 Asian Startups That Caught Our Eye This Week

Willis Wee

In the last seven days, we have covered a couple of startups on Tech in Asia, specifically from China, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

For folks who are interested in investing or partnering with these startups, drop us an email — editors[at]techinasia[dot]com – anytime. No promises, but we’ll try our best to be the bridge.

And if you’re a tech startup based in Asia hoping to get featured, please send us your pitch here.

1. Wodache | China

Wodache (loose translation means ‘hiring a car’) makes carpooling simple in Beijing. A user can simply log on to the site or iPhone app to search for a carpool ride.

2. Clault | Singapore

Most of us are well aware of the risks involved in losing or not protecting sensitive data. That’s why many organizations opt to purchase expensive document collaboration tools equipped with security solutions. The team at Clault basically saw the opportunity and developed an easy-to-use cloud document sharing tool with built-in enterprise-grade security.

3. FamilyKo | Philippines

“We’ve given long-distance families something to talk about, something to bond over.” That’s the central part of the pitch for FamilyKo, an interactive video-conferencing platform that will allow families - especially including the kids - to engage with games and storybooks in an online chat.

4. Apps Foundry | Indonesia

Apps Foundry has officially released its SCOOP app on the Android platform. SCOOP was initially an iPad-only app that allows users to download and read magazines.

5. TDWclub | Indonesia

If you know Udemy, then you should be able to understand TDWclub pretty quickly. TDWClub is an online learning portal where you can find interesting courses to learn, typically on finance, business, property, life management, stock market, or neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

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