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Top Cryptos by Volume (all currencies, 24hr)

Top Cryptos by Volume (all currencies, 24hr)

12.62k followers31 symbols Watchlist by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track cryptocurrencies with the highest trading volume in all currencies. This list is generated dynamically with the intraday price updates.

Curated by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track cryptocurrencies with the highest trading volume in all currencies. This list is generated dynamically with the intraday price updates.


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Top Cryptos by Volume (all currencies, 24hr)+2.64%---

31 symbols

SymbolCompany nameLast priceChange% changeMarket timeVolumeAvg vol (3-month)Market cap
BTC-USDBitcoin USD43610.54+360.70+0.83%1:43 pm UTC24.78B16.45B853.20B
ETH-USDEthereum USD2351.7195+104.45+4.65%1:43 pm UTC15.85B7.73B282.72B
USDT-USDTether USDt USD1.0001765-0.00-0.02%1:42 pm UTC51.80B31.33B90.27B
BNB-USDBNB USD234.65169+4.07+1.76%1:42 pm UTC845.39M548.60M35.60B
XRP-USDXRP USD0.6492292+0.02+2.72%1:43 pm UTC1.53B1.19B34.90B
SOL-USDSolana USD72.92015+9.05+14.17%1:43 pm UTC4.16B1.17B31.07B
USDC-USDUSD Coin USD1.0001218+0.00+0.01%1:43 pm UTC6.85B3.71B24.36B
ADA-USDCardano USD0.51821077+0.08+18.69%1:42 pm UTC993.96M246.10M18.30B
DOGE-USDDogecoin USD0.09749656+0.00+2.98%1:43 pm UTC1.01B451.90M13.86B
AVAX-USDAvalanche USD27.185587+0.69+2.59%1:42 pm UTC881.43M355.41M9.94B
DOT-USDPolkadot USD6.584076+0.58+9.75%1:42 pm UTC351.10M157.29M8.26B
MATIC-USDPolygon USD0.8727607+0.06+6.76%1:42 pm UTC634.23M365.18M8.10B
SHIB-USDShiba Inu USD0.000009982166+0.00+3.92%1:42 pm UTC299.96M149.89M5.88B
LTC-USDLitecoin USD75.71751+2.75+3.76%1:43 pm UTC433.99M285.91M5.60B
DAI-USDDai USD0.9996431-0.00-0.04%1:42 pm UTC324.80M165.10M5.35B
ETC-USDEthereum Classic USD21.93318+0.83+3.92%1:43 pm UTC369.00M155.69M3.17B
BTCB-USDBitcoin BEP2 USD43605.066+297.63+0.69%1:39 pm UTC392.76M131.41M2.35B
OP-USDOptimism USD2.1352563+0.38+21.76%1:39 pm UTC726.34M120.33M1.95B
BUSD-USDBUSD USD1.0000814-0.00-0.01%1:39 pm UTC355.66M539.14M1.54B
ARB11841-USDArbitrum USD1.1622919+0.10+9.24%1:39 pm UTC859.41M232.30M1.48B
ORDI-USDORDI USD52.06174-4.73-8.32%1:39 pm UTC947.65M182.56M1.09B
FDUSD-USD-1.0004183+0.00+0.04%1:40 pm UTC2.49B1.53B1.07B
VBNB-USD-5.3504615+0.09+1.80%1:39 pm UTC299.85M-451.19M
MEME28301-USDMemecoin USD0.040140167-0.00-5.29%1:39 pm UTC306.12M328.58M353.13M
JTO-USDJito USD2.915424+1.25+75.27%1:39 pm UTC1.44B675.19M335.27M
VBTC-USD-886.35297+6.06+0.69%1:39 pm UTC373.33M-182.44M
WETH-USDWETH USD2352.5146+103.19+4.59%1:39 pm UTC1.40B811.85M-
SOL16116-USDWrapped Solana USD72.97357+9.04+14.14%1:39 pm UTC415.34M74.50M-
USDCE-USDUSD Coin Bridged USD0.99951875-0.00-0.05%1:39 pm UTC312.35M154.33M-
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