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Stocks moving in after hours: MicroStrategy Clorox,

Markets reporter Jared Blikre checks out several stocks trending in the after-hours trading session.

Video transcript


- Our earnings coverage continues now with Jared Blikre, who's here to see what stocks are moving after hours. What do we got, my friend?

JARED BLIKRE: That's right. We're looking at MicroStrategy down 3.5%. We know this is Mr. Saylor's fund that is highly levered to the price of Bitcoin. So let me just skip to that part. Then we'll get to the earnings. This is coming from the CFO. "I am pleased to report we have increased our Bitcoin holdings this past quarter to a total of 132,500 Bitcoins. Our corporate strategy and conviction is acquiring holding and growing our Bitcoin positions for the long term, and that remains unchanged."

Now, for those numbers, revenue was a small beat, $132.6 million for the quarter. That would be the fourth quarter. Estimates were for $131 million, loss per share of $21.93, versus a loss per share of $8.43 a year ago. But again, don't pay too much attention to these numbers. It's really about the digital assets and any writedowns they have to take on their Bitcoin. So that's really where the profits and losses are coming from.

Let's move on to And we can see that stock is up about 3.37% in after hours trading. I'll just put on a chart here. We can see it very much going sideways over the last year. In fact, over the last three years, we've got a couple of trading ranges going on. So let me get to those numbers.

It looks like they boosted their full year EPS forecast. And that's what's boosting the stock right now. Their year long forecast, they're saying adjusted EPS of $4.05 to $4.30. Previously, they saw $3.85. So they've moved that up. Estimate was $4.17. So it's right in the middle there. I'd say that met expectations. Also seeing organic sales zero to 3%. The estimate was for just under 1%, so a little bit of a beat there, and seeing net sales of minus 2% to 1%.

Now in terms of some commentary, they're expecting cost savings of about $75 million to $100 million annually, with benefits of about $25 million in the fiscal year. Now, Clorox is a company that had a lot of problems with margins recently. So they've gotten over that. Well, they're trying to get over that by cutting some of their costs here. And it would appear that they are getting incrementally positive on that front.

Now, I want to move on to And that stock is down about 20%, actually down extended-- let me just move this here. is down 20% right now. This is over the last three years as well. You can see trading in a range similar to Clorox over the last year, but that big bump coming in late of 2021. Just a quick comment here on the third quarter forecast, they're seeing total revenue of $245 to $248 million. Estimate was for $251 million, so a little bit short of that. And is that enough for that big decline? Hard to say, but we're going to be waiting for some commentary on that on the call.