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Stocks moving in after hours: Chegg, Petmed Express, Simon Property Group

Yahoo Finance Live’s Jared Blikre checks out several stocks trending in the after-hours trading session.

Video transcript

- Let's take a look at what's moving after hours. We got Chegg, [? PetMed, ?] and also, Simon Property Group. And let's take a look at Chegg. The education company, down about 20%-- you can see that 20.16%-- after guiding its full year revenue quite a bit under expectations-- $745 to $760 million versus estimates of [? $860.5 ?] million. Also seeing gross margin a bit light of 71% to 73%, versus estimates of higher, 74.8%. Also seeing lower [? EBITDA ?] as well-- $240, $250 million, versus a higher estimate of $275.6 million. And you can see the results here chug-- or Chegg down 20%.

Now, we're also looking at PetMed. And let's take a look at that right there. You can see that stock is down 5%. They just reported an EPS of $0, and that is lower than the Street estimate of $0.20. Sales also coming in at $58.9 million, and that is down 3% year over year, which the CEO and President Matt Howlett commented on. He's saying, quote, "Revenue was down year over year 3%, but stable sequentially, despite the prior quarter benefiting from an elongated flea and tick season." So at least somebody is benefiting from that.

Also taking the pulse of the homebuilder sector. We have Simon Property Group reporting funds from operation per share at $3.40 for the fourth quarter, versus estimates of $3.14. And for the whole year, there they see that coming in at $11.70 to $11.95. That is lower than the street estimate of $12.12. Occupancy, another key stat-- that was 94.9%. And lease income-- that came in at $1.29 billion versus $1.26 billion expected.

Let's just take a look at Simon Property real quick. This is a five-day chart. Want to take a two-year chart so we can see the trek through that peak late last November, I believe, of 2021. Just bouncing back right now. Decent bounce from that October-- what is it September, October?-- low right there.