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Spotify releases 2022 Spotify Wrapped statistics on music, podcasts

Yahoo Finance Live anchors look at trends from the 2022 Spotify Wrapped data, including the "coastal grandma" aesthetic.

Video transcript


- It's a tough trender on a Twitter today. 2022 Spotify Wrapped is here. Millions of people around the world can see their most played songs and albums. Spotify releasing data today on the listening trends that we saw this year.

The top five most streamed artists around the globe. We have Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd and BTS. I don't think any big surprise there. The number one most popular podcast around the world is "The Joe Rogan Experience". In entertainment, a couple of good nuggets here.


After the release of "Black Panther", streams of the movie soundtrack increased by more than 4,000% around the world. And when the fourth season of "Stranger Things" came out, streams of the 1985 hit "Running Up That Hill" increased by more than 8,700% globally. Spotify also releasing data about some of the year's viral trends. This spring, the company saw a 660% spike in user generated "coastal grandmother" related playlist.

Now, if you're like Dave out there, you don't know what coastal grandmother is. It's a trend that we've been talking about for the last 11 months. I'm still confused. I'm shocked that you don't know what it is.


- --big. I don't get it.

- It's a vibe, but Spotify saying the coastal grandmother vibe is for people who are searching for playlists or music that was from older artists. So maybe some of the artists that you were listening to.



- Hold on, coastal grandma, is this like a style?

- It's a whole vibe.

- This is how I dress.

- Yeah.

- This is what I listen to.

- It's a whole vibe. It's how you dress, a lot of it has to do with wardrobe. There's whole coastal grandmother, a lot of hype, especially around the summer. I didn't know what translated into music. I also think it might be Spotify maybe capitalizing--

- I have been sleeping on coastal grandma.

- --off of this trend. I know you're not a huge Spotify user. It turns out--

- I'm not.

- --I listen to more Spotify than almost 80% of Spotify users out there. I am trying to pull up my stats right now. I had 27,000 minutes on Spotify over the last--

- Did you learn anything about yourself?

- That I need a new hobby. My top genre was pop, then I had pop-rock, then I had rock and then stomp and holler which I don't even know what that means. I have a couple of-- Yeah, we don't have time.

We're running out of time here. I wanted to explain my top five. I had a bone to pick with one of them. But you learn a lot about yourself.

- Do that after the show. If a band doesn't name themselves Coastal Grandma, I'm disappointed.