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HBO’s ‘Succession’ unveils the trailer for its upcoming season

Yahoo Finance Live anchors Seana Smith and Dave Briggs take a look at the latest trailer for the latest season of HBO's corporate drama "Succession", while keeping an eye out for a familiar face in the preview.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: HBO's award-winning show "Succession" dropping its trailer this morning and a very, very familiar face making an appearance. Now if you blinked, you might have missed him, so we're going to show you the trailer here. And we got to-- here we go. All right, we're pausing it. We got to zoom in. Circle it right there on the left-hand side of your screen. A bit blurry, but that is our very own Dave Briggs, making that very quick appearance. Although this is brief, we know you're going to play a very pivotal role.

DAVE BRIGGS: Thank you.

SEANA SMITH: A star is born, we have a celebrity here among us.

DAVE BRIGGS: Yeah, do you-- I mean--

SEANA SMITH: I feel honored to be sitting next to you.

DAVE BRIGGS: You get an autograph later.

SEANA SMITH: Even more so. Even more so than I am.

DAVE BRIGGS: You can get an autograph. You can get a selfie later. That may be as much as you see of me in season four of "Succession." But it was the thrill of a lifetime, quite frankly, getting to shoot these scenes as a news anchor for ATN. We are shooting the election. I can't say much more than that. But it is a big election season for "Succession." I can't promise that you'll hear me, but I do know that you will, in fact, see me this season. Oh, wait, did I make that?

SEANA SMITH: And we Photoshopped you even into that. Yeah, you're right among all the stars. Were you at all star struck by any of the leads here? I would have been.

DAVE BRIGGS: Well, see, Nicholas Braun, who I am peeking over his shoulder, he's my favorite character in the show, so I'm really happy that I was Photoshopped right in over his shoulder.

SEANA SMITH: You guys look like you're best friends.

DAVE BRIGGS: But Roman-- I mean, this show is fantastic. I will say I do think it is the best show on television. I think it is the best written, the best casted show. I don't know if you watch it.

SEANA SMITH: Obviously. You're in it.

DAVE BRIGGS: But it is tremendous. You will get a glimpse of me this season.

SEANA SMITH: I do watch "Succession," so I will be looking for you.