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General Motors partners with Netflix on Will Ferrell Super Bowl commercial

For this year's Super Bowl commercial push, GM teams up with streaming platform Netflix to include its EVs in a new Squid Game themed ad.

Video transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: My play is GM, General Motors riding shotgun with Netflix in a new Super Bowl marketing campaign starring Will Ferrell. The ads focus on the GM EV's as they drive through various Netflix shows, such as "Stranger Things," "Love is Blind," and this one, a "Squid Game" themed teaser, rolled out today.

- We all wear masks. Does that resonate with you?

DAVE BRIGGS: Yes, it does. Terrific ad. GM will run a 60 second Super Bowl ad that, based on publicized rates, would cost between 12 and 14 million, just for the one ad. This is the beginning of a partnership that should see more GM EVs popping up in Netflix original series.

The streamer had already committed in '22 to put at least one electric vehicle in every series or movie it directly produced. GM shares surged on a strong earnings report this week. Another big move to the upside today, up almost 5%. And it is just rocking this year. And today, we'll get Ford earnings after the break and break those down. But it should be an interesting team up collaboration in that Super Bowl ad. I think a terrific idea.

SEANA SMITH: It is a terrific idea. And GM needs to do something, right, just in terms of wider adoption of EVs. We know automakers, they long have wanted to place their vehicles in hit shows, in hit movies. So this makes sense on GM's part because when you take a look at some of their lofty goals here, they're planning to introduce 30 new EVs by 2025. So they need more of that wider adoption there. When you take a look at the sales of EVs, yes, they are increasing, but still less than 6% of the total market share.

JOSH SCHAFER: Right, and the Super Bowl is a great time to do it, right? You're going to get a massive audience. Obviously, the ads are expensive. We're going to talk about that a lot over the next week. But you really do get different people to see your vehicle and I think realize sometimes that GM is making EVs, Ford is making EVs. I think a lot of the general consumer is still focused on Tesla, to some extent, when we talk about EVs.

DAVE BRIGGS: Great point.