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China sanctions Pelosi, Alex Jones to pay Sandy Hook parents $4.1M, Goldman Sachs under scrutiny

Today's leading business headlines include China placing sanctions on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her trip to Taiwain, Alex Jones being ordered to pay Sandy Hook parents $4.1 million, and Goldman Sachs disclosing that its credit division is under investigation.

Video transcript


JULIE HYMAN: Time to get down to business now, look at some of the other headlines that we are watching. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has now been sanctioned by China, following her visit to Taiwan earlier this week. The move comes alongside a slate of retaliatory moves from China for that visit, including pausing cooperation with the US and military cooperation and climate change. China has also continued live fire exercises near Taiwan, including military helicopter flybys and firing multiple missiles into waters near the island nation.

Provocative right-wing radio host Alex Jones has been ordered to pay $4.1 million to the parents of a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. That decision was handed down by a jury in Austin, Texas that was called only to decide on damages. Jones was previously found liable for defamation by default after failing to turn over critical evidence. Jones himself, alongside a sprawling media empire that includes Infowars, has spread the false conspiracy theory that the school shooting was staged. During this trial, he acknowledged it was 100% real.

Regulators are reportedly investigating Goldman Sachs over its credit card lending practices and, like, how it handles billing issues and customer refunds. This disclosed from a securities filing the bank made, and all of this reported by "The Wall Street Journal." The bank, of course, issues Apple's branded credit card, a partnership that also marked Goldman's entry into the credit card business in 2019. It is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that is looking into the situation.