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At CES 2023, companies roll out eyebrow printer, urine analysis gadget

At the CES 2023 event in Las Vegas, L’Oreal revealed its new ‘Brow Magic’ eyebrow printer while Withings touted its U-Scan urine analysis sensor.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: All right, well, there's certainly been a number of very cool gadgets, products that have been unveiled so far at CES, many more to come over the next several days. So it's hard to narrow down a few, but we wanted to highlight some that stuck out to us. So here's a few of them.

First up, let's take a look at this. It's something that I think is going to change the game for so many people out there, L'Oreal's eyebrow printer. Now L'Oreal describes this as the brow magic, as a handheld electronic brow makeup applicator. It's similar to microblading if you're familiar with that, but more temporary. And you can do it at home.

So here's how it works. It lets you scan-- or you're going to let it scan your face in an app. And you can adjust how you want your brows to come out. And then you just print them on your face. I don't know how realistic it's going to look. But Dave, women-- a lot of women and men, too, spend so much money year after year on their eyebrows, especially if you do microblading. I've never done it, but that costs a fortune.

DAVE BRIGGS: I spend a lot of time on my brows, Seana.

SEANA SMITH: On your brows. I said women and men.

DAVE BRIGGS: Oh, you said men, OK. Look, I fear this because are you watching-- you a Seinfeld fan? I mean, Uncle Leo--

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, that it's going to miss and just tattoo your eye?

DAVE BRIGGS: Well, Uncle Leo had some drawn-on eyebrows by Elaine, and everyone thought he was angry because he just-- it was off just a little bit. And then people were backing away from him. I joke a little bit about the Seinfeld reference, but are you really willing to trust that? Say you're going out on a big date. Say you have a job interview. Anything that goes wrong in that regard has people looking at you. All right, take number three.

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, I think going to want a few--

DAVE BRIGGS: Take number three going to be looking at you like that, you know? Like, I would really worry about any mess-up.

SEANA SMITH: That's why you got the app. It allows for accuracy. You can see how it's going to look on your face before you make any rash decisions. Maybe it messes up a little bit.

DAVE BRIGGS: But that's a lot.

SEANA SMITH: But it's temporary so it's not life changing.


SEANA SMITH: You could do it. And you could do what you want to do. I think it's a pretty cool invention.

DAVE BRIGGS: That would make me very nervous. The gadget I was interested in is a scanner you put in your toilet. And you put it-- you've got monitors for your health through your urine. The device is by Withings, and it's called the U-Scan. It connects with an app on your iPhone, and you've got a full urine analysis right there in your pocket. That sensor lasts three months. And it can track all sorts of things, including your hydration, your vitamin levels, for women, their hormonal levels.

So I think this is a really important gadget that is really easy to use and might save you a number of doctor's appointments. You might be able to get that analysis right there in your pocket. It seems really easy. Not tremendously expensive. It is $500, but people that are awfully concerned about their health, I think this makes a lot of sense right there on your iPhone.

SEANA SMITH: It makes a lot of sense. It's certainly something that I would be interested in. And you talk about the fact-- I thought it was going to be a lot more than $500.

DAVE BRIGGS: I did, too.

SEANA SMITH: So that's pretty interesting there. And it could detect potential issues relatively early. There was also an automatic self-driving stroller that caught our eye, too.

DAVE BRIGGS: When the baby's not in it.

SEANA SMITH: The baby's not in it, but it was very cool. It costs over $3,000, though, so a pretty penny. But certainly, a number of very, very cool gadgets getting rolled out at CES this year.