'Beautiful and Free': Rarely Seen Orcas Breach Off Southern California Coast

Rarely seen offshore orcas were filmed breaching off Laguna Beach, California, on December 2.

Dana Wharf Whale Watching posted a video that shows orcas rising to the ocean’s surface near the business’s whale watching cruise boat.

Donna Kalez, Chief Operating Officer of Dana Wharf Whale Watching, wrote in the YouTube caption of the video that the killer whales had initially been mistaken as bottlenose dolphins, because it was so rare to see the orcas locally.

“The passengers on board were excited to see them in the wild so beautiful and free!” the caption read.

Local marine expert Alisa Schulman-Janiger wrote on her Facebook page about the sightings and stated that the mammals were “displaying foraging behavior.” She said offshore killer whales were last seen in the area back in 2016. Credit: Danawharf.com via Storyful