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Apple: These are iOS 18's biggest changes

Apple (AAPL) announced a host of new operating system features at its Worldwide Developers Conference this week, boosting the company's shares to an all-time high. Yahoo Finance technology editor Dan Howley joins Wealth! for "Tech Support," breaking down what Apple users can expect from the iOS 18 update.

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This post was written by Nicholas Jacobino

Video transcript

Well, Apple's latest announcements at their worldwide developers conference known in your hood as WW DC may have helped the company's shares rise to a record high on Tuesday, but consumers are still digesting what new tricks and tools may be coming to their products in the near future.


For more.

Let's bring in our own Dan Halley for this week's edition of tech support new weekly segment.

We're diving into the latest technology and tell you our viewer how you can benefit from it.

So, Dan uh I mean, I know I'm gonna have to trade in my 12 Pro Max, I guess and get the 15 or something by the end of this year to take advantage of this.

Yeah, Brad uh kind of side story.

I'm writing a piece on how this is Apple's kind of way of getting into generative A I but also getting you to buy a new iphone because it only works with the 15 max uh or 15 Pro Max.

So if you bought an iphone 15 last year, you're out of luck.

But let's go over some of the, the features that you will get uh with I Os 18.

Uh they're pretty interesting.

Uh I think one of the most important is uh obviously there's a customizable home screen now.

So you're no longer having to stay with that rigid grid.

You can move apps around as you see fit.

You can open up uh your images uh so that you know, your home screen photo isn't just a picture that's covered in tons of, of icons.

Now, you can also change the colors of them.

You can put them in light mode, dark mode.

So it's, it's a fun little uh feature that you're, you're able to use.

I think that's something that a lot people are gonna like.

There's also a new uh ability to hide uh apps.

You can make them hidden behind a password and then hide folders.

Uh We'll leave it up to your imagination, what you would do with apps like that uh uh that's called Lock an app.

Uh It's an interesting feature and I think uh some people may, may like it.

Uh They're also adding uh something called uh R CS uh rich communications service.

This is for messages.

Uh And that's an important factor in the blue bubble, green bubble war.

Basically, uh you're not going to be sending photos from your iphone to an Android phone and have them turn into little tiny squares that are, you know, difficult to see your terrible video quality.

Now you're gonna get high quality photos, high quality video uh as well as uh encryption when you go back and forth with Android, I think that still gonna have that green bubble though.

So the Stigma remains uh there's also gonna be a big update for the Photos app.

Uh They're adding new capabilities in there as well as a new design.

That kind of focuses more on uh not just the photos but what the photos uh mean.

So ties into different events that you may have gone to.

Uh you'll be able to uh categorize them.

Uh Say you wanna look for images of a uh rock climbing expedition that you did.

I'm not doing that, but maybe I did.

Uh I could just type in uh rock climbing and I'll pull that that up.

And there's also the Showstopper for some reason is the calculator app going to ipad.

Uh I know it sounds silly but I, I got to see it in action and it is really impressive.

And the reason for that is they added this feature where you can literally write uh your math uh and then write it uh draw an equal sign and it will give you the solution.

If you slightly change what you have in the equation, it will change the, the uh uh uh the solution immediately.

So it's, it's incredibly impressive.

I mean, you have to see it.

Uh It, it's, it's completely wild.

It'll draw graphs for you and everything along those lines.

It's also gonna be available on, on the iphone as well.

Uh And then finally, there's uh for the watch, uh there's gonna be a new training mode that will help you get in shape.

Uh It's basically gonna log how your training has been going if you uh outperformed normal uh uh training regimen or you underperformed.

Uh and then kind of help you figure out why along those lines.

So honestly, it's, it's a huge slew of updates outside of, of just the, the artificial intelligence that they announced.

Uh And these are all features that you'll be able to get regardless of what version of the iphone.

Uh You have to a reasonable degree.


Dan, thanks so much for breaking this down for us.

Appreciate it.