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Rising Interest Rates

Rising Interest Rates

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The Federal Reserve may raise interest rates from their historic lows of 0.25% toward their historical average of 5%.

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If interest rates begin to climb, who wins? Given the significant interest income that online brokers, custodian banks, and other financials earn on customer cash balances, they could be the ones poised to profit.

The near-0% rates of recent years have eviscerated the interest income stream for these financials. In normal rate environments, some can derive as much as 45% of their revenue from lending. And while potential homeowners and other borrowers might not be thrilled about it, an uptick in rates could mean quick cash flow for those who hold customer cash, and are well prepared.

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We identified US-listed stocks and American Depository Receipts of companies that are engaged in activities relevant to this watchlist's theme. We then filtered out companies that have a share price of less than .00 or a market capitalization less than 00 million, and excluded illiquid stocks by screening companies for liquidity i.e. average bid-ask spreads, dollar volume traded etc. Finally the proprietary Motif Optimization Engine determined the constituent stocks. Learn more about how we select our watchlists.

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First, we determined each company's percentage of total revenue derived from this watchlist's theme. Second, we applied a pure-play factor to give greater relative weight to companies that derive a higher percentage of their revenue from this theme. Finally, we weighted each company by its market capitalization adjusted for revenue exposure to the theme.

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WatchlistChange today1-month return1-year returnTotal return
Rising Interest Rates-1.98%-11.10%-7.01%+57.78%

20 symbols

SymbolCompany nameLast priceChange% changeMarket timeVolumeAvg vol (3-month)Market cap
SCHWThe Charles Schwab Corporation34.65-0.59-1.67%11:24 am GMT-42.51M9.42M44.65B
AMTDTD Ameritrade Holding Corporation37.49-0.65-1.70%11:24 am GMT-4738.35k3.28M20.28B
FITBFifth Third Bancorp20.21-0.65-3.09%11:24 am GMT-41.82M6.03M14.39B
SIVBSVB Financial Group231.26-6.60-2.77%11:22 am GMT-453.18k304.47k11.97B
KEYKeyCorp11.815-0.24-1.95%11:23 am GMT-44.30M9.36M11.53B
ETFCE*TRADE Financial Corporation48.89-1.13-2.26%11:24 am GMT-4424.87k2.07M10.81B
RFRegions Financial Corporation11.155-0.16-1.37%11:24 am GMT-43.02M8.44M10.71B
CMAComerica Incorporated37.27-1.39-3.60%11:23 am GMT-4652.26k1.65M5.18B
ZIONZions Bancorporation, National Association28.96-0.85-2.85%11:24 am GMT-4347.17k1.65M4.75B
PBProsperity Bancshares, Inc.49.7859-0.64-1.28%11:24 am GMT-4105.14k487.44k4.57B
EWBCEast West Bancorp, Inc.32.16-0.75-2.28%11:22 am GMT-4105.58k773.88k4.55B
FFINFirst Financial Bankshares, Inc.27.22-0.38-1.38%11:23 am GMT-477.17k474.09k3.84B
BOKFBOK Financial Corporation50.05-0.59-1.17%11:22 am GMT-419.17k233.60k3.43B
GBCIGlacier Bancorp, Inc.30.57-0.77-2.46%11:23 am GMT-494.80k405.54k2.92B
IBKCIBERIABANK Corporation43.08-2.46-5.40%4:00 pm GMT-45.27M950.77k2.27B
BXSBancorpSouth Bank18.89-0.33-1.72%11:19 am GMT-449.75k442.74k1.91B
IBTXIndependent Bank Group, Inc.42.21-0.85-1.97%11:23 am GMT-443.54k347.84k1.82B
IBOCInternational Bancshares Corporation26.06-0.63-2.36%11:23 am GMT-438.08k198.74k1.62B
HAFCHanmi Financial Corporation7.97-0.16-1.97%11:22 am GMT-429.56k222.14k244.33M
HBHC----6:07 pm GMT-4---
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