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Yahoo Finance Trumponomics Report Card

Donald Trump
Trumponomics Letter GradeOverall gradeLast updated: 13 Dec 2017

About this report card

Yahoo Finance is tracking the performance of the economy under President Donald Trump, compared with six prior presidents going back to Jimmy Carter. We’ve chosen six key economic indicators that directly affect the well-being of ordinary Americans, with data provided by Moody's Analytics. Know more about our methodology, and click on the article below to read the latest update.

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Compared with previous presidents...
Total employment
Manufacturing employment
Average hourly earnings
S&P 500
Real GDP per capita
  • Politics
    Yahoo Finance

    Even Trump-aligned lawmakers are resisting his advice on the debt ceiling

    Donald Trump is ready to go nuclear over the debt limit fight. But Yahoo Finance surveyed dozens of Trump-aligned lawmakers in Congress and few jumped at the chance to say they are taking the former President’s tactical advice.

  • Entertainment
    The Telegraph

    GB News and Donald Trump join forces on the comeback trail

    He was the hype man who tried to use his Brexit success to bolster Donald Trump's re-election bid last year. Now Nigel Farage is calling in the favours after securing a world exclusive interview with the former US President to help boost the ratings of GB News.

  • Politics

    Trump defense chief Esper sues Pentagon for redacting parts of memoir

    The book, "A Sacred Oath", sheds light on events that occurred during the second half of Trump's presidency, Esper said. The Department "arbitrarily" redacted the manuscript after he submitted it to DoD officials for review, he said in a statement. Esper served as Trump's defense secretary from June 2019 to November 2020, when he was fired over a range of differences on policy issues.