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    Annual Travel Insurance (2018) – 5 Best Annual Travel Insurance Plans for Singaporeans

    Not only will buying annual travel insurance save you money if you travel at least 7 or 8 times a year – fewer if you count Europe or the US among your destinations – it’ll also save you the mad scramble of buying insurance online just moments before your plane takes off. “But I’m so busy travelling

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    Cheapest Travel Insurance in Singapore – Is It Worth Buying?

    When I buy travel insurance, I don’t really care whether the insurer has 900 years of experience or if the plan comes with extra coverage for Chanel bags. Just give me the cheapest travel insurance plan can liao! After assessing most of the popular travel insurers in Singapore, the honour of cheapest

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    How Does CareShield Life Help Singaporeans?

    With Singapore’s ageing population needing to be taken care of, Government spending on healthcare is expected to go up by at least $3 billion by 2020 from the current levels. Many people might be familiar with the concept of health insurance and Government schemes, such as MediSave and MediShield Life

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    4 Reasons You Might Want To Consider Getting Wedding Insurance

    Weddings in Singapore can cost as much as a small house in another country. If you suffer a medical emergency, your car or house will not disappear, but your wedding will be ruined. Few people realise there is such a thing as wedding insurance in Singapore.

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    Health Insurance in Singapore – Everything You Need to Know to Survive 2018

    All Singaporeans and PRs get basic health insurance (MediShield Life) which covers basic public hospital treatments. You can boost MediShield Life with an for Integrated Shield Plan (IP), which gives you the option to get treated in better class wards and private hospitals. Is Singapore’s healthcare

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    Child Insurance in Singapore – Which Policy Should You Buy & How Much Does It Cost?

    In fact, her tender age and health makes this the best time to buy insurance. First, children qualify for full insurance coverage without exclusions. Insurers don’t cover ailments or conditions you have before you buy their plans. Second, premiums will be very cheap because children with clean bills

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    NS Insurance in Singapore – How Much Coverage Do NSFs Get with MINDEF/MHA Group Insurance?

    Enlisting in National Service is a confusing and stressful time, whether it’s you yourself or a loved one who is about to become a recruit. Here’s a primer to how much insurance coverage you will get during NS, after NS (during reservist, for example) and how you can extend that coverage. Safety is

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    CareShield Life – It’s Not Just an “Old People” Thing, You Know

    Did you know anything about ElderShield before this week? CareShield Life is the next evolutionary stage of ElderShield, the Government’s severe disability insurance scheme to help with the provision of financial protection for Singaporeans who need long-term care.

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    The Cheapest Car Insurance Policies in Singapore (UPDATED 2018)

    Getting a car in Singapore is a bit like having a fancy dinner. In Singapore, we’re a little like that when it comes to car insurance. After all, when you’ve just spent so much on the vehicle itself, just getting the cheapest car insurance should be fine, right?

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    5 Government Policies That Self-Employed Singaporeans Must Use and Benefit From

    As a self-employed person, you might not have to deal with tyrannical bosses or office politics. To make matters worse, the lack of employer-sponsored health insurance and compulsory CPF contributions can put you in a financially precarious situation later on in life. While CPF contributions are generally

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    Travel Insurance in Singapore – The Total Guide to What You Must Know in 2018

    Buying travel insurance in Singapore is something a lot of us take for granted. Few of us bother to buy travel insurance ahead of time, and even fewer compare to find the best travel insurance in Singapore.In fact, the only time we think of buying a policy is when there’s some kind of travel insurance

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    Your Medisave Account In Singapore – How To Make The Most Of It

    Eventually, the money in this account will be channeled into retirement savings. Medisave Account – The money in this account is to be used for healthcare and medical bills, and can also be used to pay premiums for some types of insurance such as private medical insurance. Retirement Account (RA) –

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    3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before An Insurance Agent Sells You Policies

    Some of them take the direct approach, asking flat out if you’ve thought about financial planning. These are insurance agents, and to many wary Singaporeans, they’re best avoided. While you should never feel obligated to buy insurance from any agent you agree to meet, having a chat with one can be a

  • Customer satisfaction in 2017 hit new high at 72.9 points
    Singapore Business Review7 months ago

    Customer satisfaction in 2017 hit new high at 72.9 points

    A study cited increased satisfaction in the finance & insurance and healthcare sectors. Customer satisfaction in Singapore hit a new high in 2017, the Institute of Service Excellence (ISE) at the Singapore Management University (SMU) revealed. The 2017 Q4 Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG

  • Grab extends insurance policy to Uber drivers and riders after acquisition
    Singapore Business Review7 months ago

    Grab extends insurance policy to Uber drivers and riders after acquisition

    It is now expecting faster pick-ups due to combined operations. Grab said it will extend its free personal accident insurance policy to all new interested Uber drivers and riders. This followed Grab's announcement that it will acquire Uber, whilst the latter will get a 27.5% stake of the former

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    How to Make a Car Insurance Claim in Singapore

    Whether you like it or not, you’ve got to buy car insurance to take your car on the road in Singapore and this is obviously for good reason. Whether you have chosen a policy from Aviva, FWD or the ever popular NTUC Car Insurance, knowing what to do if you were to get into an accident can make a difference

  • Raffles Medical could be hurt by full-rider insurance changes
    Singapore Business Review7 months ago

    Raffles Medical could be hurt by full-rider insurance changes

    About 12-18% of its pre-tax profit is exposed to the insured market. Raffles Medical Group’s patients that pay through insurance could be hurt by recent changes in insurance full-rider policies and affect the company in the near-term run, UOB Kay Hian revealed. According to a report, Singapore will

  • Insurance firms' underwriting profits plunged 58.53% to $107m in 2017
    Singapore Business Review7 months ago

    Insurance firms' underwriting profits plunged 58.53% to $107m in 2017

    For the first time since 2010, the motor insurance segment generated an underwriting loss, losing $27.2m in 2017. The total gross premiums for Singapore’s general insurance industry rose by 0.8% to $3.68b in 2017, close to the 0.6% growth recorded in 2016, the General Insurance Association of Singapore

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    Insurance Companies Getting Mixed Signals from the Government – Here’s What It Means for You

    This has been a weird week for insurance companies. Mr Chee talks about how this led to a “buffet syndrome”, where some policy holders were starting to claim ridiculous medical costs, since the costs were all covered by the insurance companies.

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    Flood Damage in Singapore – Does Your Car Insurance Cover It?

    The rain makes it nicer to sleep in, but as a driver, if your vehicle is parked outdoors, there is always the fear that you’ll come back to realise your car has floated away or completely disintegrated in the rain. Will your car insurance policy cover the cost of repairs when your car suffers from flood

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    Scoot vs Jetstar vs Air Asia vs SQ Travel Insurance – Is it Worth Buying?

    Whether you’re flying with a budget airline or a high-end one like our very own Singapore Airlines, be prepared to have the airline try to get you to buy their travel insurance. In fact, Singapore Airlines, of all companies, caused a scandal recently when customers complained about being auto-included

  • Finance & Insurance sector expands by 6.3% in Q4
    Singapore Business Review8 months ago

    Finance & Insurance sector expands by 6.3% in Q4

    Increase in fund management segment pushes the growth. Finance & insurance sector registered a 6.3% year-on-year (yoy) growth in the fourth quarter of 2017. The Ministry of Trade and Industry noted the ...

  • Singapore's services trade made $463.3b in 2017
    Singapore Business Review8 months ago

    Singapore's services trade made $463.3b in 2017

    Transport services boosted services exports. Singapore's services trade moved out of the lull as it grew by 4.7% and reached a total of $463.3b in 2017. The growth in services exports can be linked to the expansion in transport services (+6.9%), charges for the use of intellectual property (+14.7%

  • Great Eastern's profit surged to $1.16b in 2017
    Singapore Business Review8 months ago

    Great Eastern's profit surged to $1.16b in 2017

    This was driven by a higher profit from its insurance business. Great Eastern Holdings Limited reported that its profit ballooned by 96% YoY from $589.3m to $1.16b in 2017. According to its financial statement, this was due to higher profit from its insurance business, rising by 72% YoY to $899.9m.

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    Is the Travel Insurance That SIA Wanted to Auto-include You On Actually Any Good?

    Anyone who’s ever bought air tickets online knows that, just before you check out and pay for your tickets, airlines like to persuade you buy a “very special” travel insurance policy put together just for their passengers. Recently, the airline caused a furor when it was revealed that they had an online