• 3 Huge Financial Reasons to Delay Marriage and Kids No Matter How Much You Love Each Other

    No matter how strong you think your relationship is, putting yourself in more debt just to get married when you’re already struggling with your existing liabilities could be the start of a long nightmare. I paid off most of my student loans and we had no credit card debt when we tied the knot. If one of us had been heavily …

  • 3 Big Money Mistakes Singaporeans in Their 30s are Making

    In fact, it’s become standard practice in Singapore to spend an average of $50,000 on a wedding, with many going up to $90,000. Truth be told, many of the grooms-to-be I’ve spoken to haven’t even been that keen on splashing out on a lavish wedding, gloomily stating that it’s their fiancees who want a dream wedding and …

  • 5 Silly Ways That Singaporeans Are Wasting Money on Petrol

    When it comes to cars in Singapore, buying one is already so expensive that some people think it’s pointless trying to save on the peripheral costs of actually running it. While you might not be able to control how much you end up paying for your ERP tolls in certain situations, you can most definitely save a significant …

  • 4 Ways to Gamify Money-Saving and Make it Fun

    Nobody says “Woo! I love skydiving, playing the guitar and saving money.” In fact, for many people, especially those whose wardrobes resemble a massive landfill, saving money is like being forced to eat celery sticks at every meal. Here are some ways you can make saving money feel the same… well, almost.

  • How to get the Modern Singapore Bedroom for under $1000

    Not only is this bedroom’s look going to cost you less than $1000, but these ideas from Art Loft also provide you with a way to support Asian contemporary artists. Art Loft is an online platform that helps to curate interesting artworks while promoting them and their creators to a larger audience. This is the second of …

  • 6 Cool Courses to Take Using Your SkillsFuture Credit

    By now, you might have heard that the government is giving everyone over the age of 25 $500 to spend on skills upgrading courses under the SkillsFuture scheme.

  • 5 Tips To Maximize Your Cashback Card Benefits

    Recent product launches have signalled a huge shift in favour of cashback rebates when consumers choose what credit card benefits they want. This is reflected in a whole glut of new credit cards, such as the American Express True Cashback Card, the ANZ Optimum Card and OCBC’s 365 Card. Cashback has an advantage over discounts, …

  • 5 March Holiday Activities to Do With Your Kids for Under $50

    The rest of you parents, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a day or two off from work to spend with your children. Seriously, get out there and discover what activities Singapore has to offer to your family. Mainly, you’re concerned that your children are made of glass and the slightest physical contact will shatter …

  • Where Can You Get The Cheapest Petrol in Singapore Today?

    Unfortunately, because there several factors that affect how much you actually pay for your petrol, like price fluctuations, which petrol station you go to and what credit cards you can use, few people can be bothered to calculate which petrol station is really the cheapest. Petrol prices fluctuate from time to time, but …

  • Renting a Car this Chinese New Year? The T&Cs Could Really Screw You Over

    Renting a car is much cheaper and should save you from years of debt. Many rental car companies claim to provide unlimited third-party liability. This is to ensure that only major claims are brought to the insurance company. For example, if you, as the insured person has an excess of $500 and the total repair costs are …

  • Healthy consumers boost organic food demand

    This poses a challenge for those who like to buy organic food, since it tends to be especially pricey. There are ways to buy organic food and be cost-conscious while doing so. If you're wanting to add more organic foods to your regular diet, but are afraid of the cost, then these tips should help. It might seem counterintuitive, …

  • These days, there are lots of credit cards that promise big windfalls of points, miles and cash back. The more you use your card, the more you're going to earn, so it's understandable if you're considering using your credit card to pay recurring monthly bills. The most obvious advantage of using your credit card to pay …

  • Here's how to plan and invest for what may lie ahead, courtesy of U.S. News Smarter Investor bloggers. Consider your interests, hobbies and travel dreams as you envision your retirement, writes Jacob Gold, financial advisor and president of Jacob Gold & Associates Inc. "Once you've thought about how you want to spend your …

  • While the vast majority of incoming MBA students still do spend the months leading up to school indulging in their favorite pastimes, the pre-MBA internship has become a growing trend among the recently admitted. What Is a Pre-MBA Internship? A summer internship is the hallmark of the two-year MBA program, but a pre-MBA …

  • This is the perfect opportunity to create a budget for your fresh new space, prioritizing what is most important for your yard. No budget to modernize your outdoor furniture and accessories? Consider drought-resistant plants. Planting drought-resistant plants such as catmint, lavender or succulents helps preserve water, …

  • Cash-back shopping websites earn a commission when purchases are made through their site, and then the commissions are shared with shoppers. So how can you find a credit card with a cash-back program that works for you?

  • Preparing for a job interview can be a time-consuming and nerve-wracking experience. Some people spend a ridiculous amount of energy trying to prepare and memorize answers for every imaginable interview question.

  • If you have an elderly parent destined for a nursing home, but who lacks the money to pay for it, you may do what many people do -- help your parent apply for Medicaid, a joint federal-state program that covers medical bills for low-income seniors. That's a financial strategy used when the individual's income is a little …

  • Tax season is finally coming to an end. Now that the tedious task of submitting your tax return is out of the way, it's time to look for other opportunities to save on this expense. December is always the month when everybody suggests the masses look for capital losses to replace capital gains, but this tax-saving move …

  • People in their 30s often continue to carry credit card debt.A credit card can be a useful tool for shopping, but if you can't pay off the balance in full each month, you're making a big mistake.That credit card debt will hang over your head for years, draining your finances steadily. A $1,000 balance on a typical credit …

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