• Here are 4 Things You Can Do in October to Minimise the Damage From Impending Holiday Spending

    It’s only October, but before you know it, the Orchard Road Christmas lights are going to be up (and they’d better put on a good show, given the number of vacant units in many of the malls on the shopping belt). Not only will everyone be scrambling to clear leave by the end of the year and paying inflated air ticket prices …

  • 3 Tips for Successfully Using Couchsurfing to Stay With Locals For Free When You Travel

    When I tell Singaporean friends I’ve couchsurfed while travelling, they tend to wonder out loud why I’m willing to risk getting murdered in order to get free accommodation. Seriously though, couchsurfing is generally safe if you use your common sense and do your homework by reading potential hosts’ profiles and reviews. …

  • 3 Tips For Singapore Retailers Who Want to Attract More Customers to Their Stores

    Orchard Road is in trouble. Orchard Road is still crowded, if the number of sweaty bodies pushing past you on any given weekend is anything to go by, so that should mean retailers are earning tons of money from these people, right? The problem is that many of the people on Orchard Road are there only to eat, and not to …

  • 4 Hobbies That Are Not Only Free to Pick Up But Also Boost Your Street Cred

    Everyone knows there are free or very cheap hobbies out there, but the problem is that a great many of these interests just don’t sound that appealing to the average person. Sure, you could spend all your time feeding your obsession with Korean dramas or gaming, but in the big bad world, the amount of street cred these …

  • 3 Ways Singaporeans Can Give Back to the Community That Doesn’t Involve Just Donating Money

    You’ll start, of course, by taking frequent trips overseas for the purpose of voluntourism, glamping in third world countries as you help to build houses and dig wells. Here are some ways every Singaporean can make the world a slightly less miserable place, all without spending a single cent. Volunteering doesn’t mean …

  • Here are 4 Things You Can Do in October to Minimise the Damage From Impending Holiday Spending

    Overspending and credit card debt are growing problems here, but before pointing a finger at the high cost of living, take a look at the number of Chanels and Louis Vuittons on the arms of your fellow office workers at Raffles Place.

  • 3 Best Credit Cards for Petrol in Singapore

    Singapore may be a tiny island, but in our minds, we would probably estimate that we contribute significantly on a daily basis to depleting the Earth’s oil reserves. The following credit cards are rated primarily on petrol discounts. The HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card is one of the heavyweights on this list when it comes …

  • One of the first things to do when you become self-employed is to start up a retirement account. For many people who are self-employed, an individual retirement account is the simplest option. Instead, you should start out your self-employment with a plan in place to save more for retirement.

  • U.S. News asked readers to weigh in on the scariest financial moments they've encountered. "I [had a client who] came to me for retirement planning and revealed [that] she had put her child through the last two years of college by putting expenses on a credit card. "In 2007 I was on my own personal financial cliff.

  • This is a powerful goal because experiences shared with family on a good vacation are timeless and priceless. Loading up the family to visit Walt Disney World could help you create lasting memories with your grandchildren. Unfortunately, this magical vacation spot is also one of the most expensive places on earth, with …

  • Every worker needs to make challenging decisions about how much to save and where to invest for retirement. While tax breaks and employer contributions can help you build a nest egg, investment options can be complicated, and it's difficult to know who to trust for financial advice. Here are some basic retirement investment …

  • You don't need to be an investment expert to begin building a nest egg for retirement. Consistently saving a modest amount and investing it in a low-cost fund can lead to impressive gains over time. If you qualify for tax breaks and employer contributions, you can grow your retirement savings even faster. Here are five …

  • When figuring out responsibility for a recently deceased credit card holder's debts, many variables come into play, including where you live. Here are a few things you should know about credit card debt after death. When examining a loved one's credit cards, it's crucial to know whose names were associated with the a …

  • Between the candy, decorations and costumes, it's easy to feel like Halloween is a vampiric day: It'll suck your wallet dry if you're not careful. Consumers are expected to spend more than ever on their Halloween festivities. In fact, Halloween spending is expected to reach -- are you ready for this?

  • Your child may be living a double life. You may someday be surprised to learn that your precocious 4-year-old daughter owes tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, or that your 13-year-old son is in hot water with the IRS for accepting a hefty tax refund for a job he never had.

  • How to Invest in Annuities U.S.News & World Report

    Despite sometimes getting a bad rap, annuities can form part of a retirement savings strategy to plug potential income gaps not covered by Social Security or a 401(k). The extended period for low interest rates has created a vacuum of products for retirement as traditional products like bonds and certificates of deposit …

  • Instead, family practice doctors must schedule more patients just to keep pace, or for a slight gain in their income. Consequently, their days must function like clockwork, but health care isn't predictable. If a patient arrives with a complex health issue, the doctor will have to spend more time with that individual, …

  • Before coming to a home seller's front door, homebuyers spend most of their time online checking out listings, scrolling through images and sizing up the competition. More than 90 percent of homebuyers start their search online, according to the National Association of Realtors 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, …

  • Money management tools, such as SmartyPig, which can help you outline specific savings goals, then set up automated transfers from your bank account, or Earnest, which can help you track and manage your student loans, can offer a helping hand as you work toward your financial goals. Whether you've missed a credit card …

  • A friend who is about to turn 30 recently confessed to me that she hasn't been saving for retirement. Many millennials have not yet begun to build a nest egg. A recent Wells Fargo and GfK survey of 1,005 employed millennials ages 22 to 35 found that 41 percent have not started saving for retirement.

  • Younger people like prepaid cards because they see it as cheaper than having a high-interest credit card or a checking account, which comes with maintenance costs and potential overdraft fees. The CFPB just announced new rules for prepaid cards that will begin in Oct. 2017. If you're trying to make sense of it all, here's …

  • Is it time to bet on a consumer rebound? Historically, it's never been wise for investors to underestimate the willingness of Americans to spend.

  • Everyone would like the chance to receive something for nothing, and that's the promise behind rewards credit cards. By simply spending money that would be spent anyway, cardholders are awarded with all sorts of perks including cash back, frequent flyer miles or points that can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise. …

  • No one likes taking a pay cut. That feeling of working for less money than you were previously making can be upsetting and sometimes even demoralizing. You've worked hard to secure the paycheck you receive. Accepting a pay cut can create several changes in your life, with a definite impact on the way you spend and save …

  • Both factors will help you determine which cruise line is well-suited for your needs and preferences. Your cruise length, itinerary and onboard experience will hinge on your vacation budget. Also, keep in mind that some cruise lines let you put down a deposit, then pay the bulk of your cruise fare over several monthly …

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