• Here are 3 Things Singaporeans Can DIY and Save Money On Thanks to the Internet

    Tell a Singaporean to DIY something—cook his own meals, change his car’s engine oil, or even walk down to the McDonald’s outlet and buy his own meal, and he’ll tell you he has no time. Here are three things Singaporeans can now DIY, and save money while they’re at it. Real estate agents charge you 1% to 2% of the property …

  • 4 Ways Singaporeans Get Tricked into Overspending at Shopping Malls

    Walking around shopping malls is a classic Singaporean past-time that’s not changing any time soon. Shopping malls provide free air conditioning, lots of food options and a myriad ways to help you part with your cash—everything a true blue Singaporean could ask for. More people are in credit card debt, and it’s not because …

  • 5 Things To Do in Orchard Road That Don’t Involve Shopping or Food

    Orchard Road is like capitalist hell for those who wouldn’t be caught dead with an LV logo on their person. If that sounds like you, having to accompany a shopping-crazed partner or meet friends for high tea at Orchard Road is not the most pleasant of scenarios. If you find yourself in the position where you’re forced …

  • Spending $12,000 Over the Next Few Months? Here’s 4 Air Miles Credit Cards You Should Consider

    Cash back credit cards are great if you’re spending smaller amounts of money regularly on specific categories like dining, groceries and petrol. Air miles credit cards, on the other hand, often have no minimum spending requirement or maximum limits to the amount of air miles you can earn. What’s more, many air miles credit …

  • 4 Reasons Singaporeans are Constantly Going on Overseas Holidays

    Now we know why—by 2025, Singaporean households are expected to spend $44.9 billion on travel per year, which will make Singapore the world’s seventh highest-spending country on overseas travel. There’s no doubt that travel is one of Singapore’s favourite past-times—in fact, for some Singaporeans, the only reason they’re …

  • 3 Ways to Sneakily Save Money Without Even Realising It

    Saving money in Singapore can be quite a torture. Imagine yourself, sitting at that overpriced bar at Marina Bay, sipping on your glass of tap water as all your friends clink their champagne flutes. Now think of how you spent your annual leave this year, watching Korean dramas on your laptop, while your friends flooded …

  • 4 Ways Singaporeans Get Tricked into Overspending at Shopping Malls

    It’s only October, but before you know it, the Orchard Road Christmas lights are going to be up (and they’d better put on a good show, given the number of vacant units in many of the malls on the shopping belt). Not only will everyone be scrambling to clear leave by the end of the year and paying inflated air ticket prices …

  • 3 Ways to Improve Your Money Mindset U.S.News & World Report

    The cornerstone to building financial independence is to take cash and other resources from today and invest them for the future. Financial independence begins with the choice to defer your current wants in order to build wealth for the future. There are plenty of things that will help you save for retirement, including …

  • The credit card you use can make a big difference in how much you save in both the short and long term. Many credit cards come with a variety of built-in consumer protection benefits that will not only save you money, but give you peace of mind when you make your purchase. Many credit cards will automatically extend a …

  • How to Build an Emergency Fund U.S.News & World Report

    A May report by the Federal Reserve showed in a 2015 survey of households that 46 percent of respondents said they would struggle to meet emergency expenses of $400. Starting one can be daunting because of other obligations, says Melody Juge, founder and managing director of Life Income Management in North Carolina. "Emergency …

  • Although there are lots of great reasons to use credit cards for holiday shopping, there are some downsides, too. Convenience comes at a price, and if you lack strong budgeting and spending habits, January's credit card bill may hit your wallet hard. If you don't have a budget, with details on how much you can spend, …

  • Simply apply for the card, use it to make your holiday purchases and then pay off your credit card with the cash you've saved throughout the year. Here are the best cash-back credit cards to use this holiday season. The Chase Freedom Unlimited card gives you a $150 cash-back bonus when you spend at least $500 in your …

  • 10 Retirement Savings Goals for 2017 U.S.News & World Report

    Most people know they should be saving for retirement. Consider these strategies to tuck more money away for retirement in 2017. If you get a raise in 2017, aim to put at least a portion of it in a retirement account.

  • Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you plan to spend most of your daylight hours hiking, biking, swimming or surfing in San Diego. Fortunately, there are breakfast options for every taste, style and diet in San Diego. Here are eight breakfast spots that come highly recommended …

  • If you're concerned about your gift, travel and food budget during the holidays, try to cut spending in other areas of your life. Tamp down on meals out, movie theater visits and non-gift-related shopping sprees. If you've got cash rewards sitting dormant in your credit card account, now's the time to cash them in.

  • How Service Dogs Provide Support U.S.News & World Report

    Emotional support animals and service dogs are two different breeds, so to speak. Much more than loving pets with a purpose, highly trained service dogs spend months learning how to best help their handlers perform major life tasks despite physical or psychiatric challenges. The Americans with Disabilities Act spells …

  • If you've just finished paying off your credit card debt from last year's holiday shopping, you know that gift buying and paying with plastic can be a dangerous combination. Falling for store credit card deferred interest deals. "Every holiday season, many store chains that sell large and expensive items like furniture …

  • "Today people are working longer, so the old standard retirement age of 65 isn't always the case," says Donald Morgan, a financial advisor with Independent Wealth Connections in Spokane, Washington. By comparison, the average reported retirement age was 62 for 2014. Focusing on these key areas can help make the shift …

  • Today's retirees and those approaching retirement face challenges generating income in the current low-interest rate environment. For many individuals, that means investment returns may not be matching historical averages. In a low-yield environment, investors may need to save more in order to secure a targeted income …

  • Between campus visits, standardized tests and application fees, families can spend hundreds of dollars on college before the acceptance letters start rolling in. On top of that, many students enter the college application process unaware of the costs. "I think that depending on the college, there is a bit of a sticker …

  • How to Max Out Your 401(k) in 2017 U.S.News & World Report

    A 401(k) account allows you to take advantage of tax breaks, employer contributions, investment growth and automatic saving. Here's how to help your 401(k) account grow faster in 2017. You can defer paying income tax on up to $18,000 that you save in a 401(k) plan.

  • 8 Holiday Gifts That Give Back U.S.News & World Report

    Shoppers will spend $656 billion between now and Jan. 1, according to the National Retail Federation. Made of 100 percent organic cotton, the "Kiss Me I'm Non Toxic" T-shirt by Tata Harper Skincare is vegan-friendly.

  • Having a credit card application rejected is frustrating, especially if you aren't sure what went wrong. A recent survey by NerdWallet asked Americans how they feel about credit card rejection and what they'd do if they were turned down. You have too many credit cards.

  • Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends gather around the dining room table to give thanks and share a hearty meal. Thanksgiving, it would seem, is becoming a holiday during which families spend more time camping outside of department stores than waiting for the turkey to cook. It turns out that starting the …

  • Mobile technology and digital innovation have simplified many aspects of modern life, with things like grocery shopping, vacation planning, and even banking and investing now managed directly from a smartphone or desktop -- no travel, phone call or human interaction necessary. In fact, Capital One Investing's Financial …

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