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Workhorse Group Inc. (WKHS)

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  • K
    Kaitlin J.
    Nobody becomes a millionaire or a billionaire by working for others and depending on them. Good investment brings millions of dollars and consistency bring billions; the market is all about bitcoin at the moment.
  • i
    Ok, so I will eat crow on this one. Another investor contacted IR and asked about the share lockup. The response back was that they are not locked up. The previous person asking the question posted a retraction. He is not sure how it got miscommunicated. I apologize for the error. It is not my intent to mislead anyone on this board.
  • i
    The NHTSA report is available on their website for the recall. As it turns out, Rick hired two engineering companies to review the C-Series and they found four areas of concern: Wheel rims, outside lighting, wipers and washer and instrument cluster. The recall wasn't even about payload issues.

    I would assume, and I think fairly accurately, that all of these subassemblies are supplied by other manufacturers. The rims, wiper/washer assembly and outside lighting, may well be off-the-shelf designs and components. I would guess that the instrument cluster was custom-designed and built for the C-Series. The fixes for these issues could well be just replacing the subassemblies once WKHS and the manufacturers come up with resolutions and I would think that the testing would be fairly easy. Of course, with this downtime, they probably will be coming up with the modifications to increase payload as well. Why go through testing twice.

    The /WKHS subreddit has links to the reports.
  • j
    I’ve been out of this company for 6 months, what’s the earnings and sentiment been in short? Still no production?
  • G
    56% SIR today. we are getting close. next one is 70 percent mark . then melt up to 17$. can't wait for Monday.
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    The r/wkhs subreddit community is growing everyday. Tells me people are still paying attention to $WKHS and some new folks are buying in. There are now 12,804 members. The community hit 10K members just a few weeks ago. If you are long and not in the group, you should join. There is quite a bit of good DD in the group. One member, the largest that we know of, owns almost a million shares of $WKHS and is holding strong.
  • D
    David Disano
    Just a reminder. Workhorse's implied sales increase by 2023 is a staggering 22,563%

    If share price is ultimately driven by sales theres no need to contemplate selling.
    Just sit back and watch it all unfold.
  • i
    This is just an observation, but has anyone compared WKHS share trade volume with their supposed competitors recently? WKHS trade volume is actually quite high. Here is an example of some of today's volumes:

    ARVL = 468K
    ELMS = 216K
    GOEV = 855K
    HYLN = 1M
    LEV = 499K
    NKLA = 5M
    XOS = 959K

    I can only surmise that this is due to the heavy shorting. Any thoughts?
  • M
    Why it says buy 100% here? Any hope for this stock???
  • E
    One of the things that I am noticing is that the firm is currently struggling to make sales. In fact, a disproportionate amount of its inventory is classified as raw materials. Can someone explain why? Is the company struggling to find customers/distribution channels?
  • i
    I am pumped now that I know Antara and HT Funds are long in WKHS with close to 10% ownership until 2024. You throw in Blackrock, Vanguard, First Trust and the other institutional owners and this company could be considered "too big to fail". Love it!
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    Returned Shares 8.84m
    Borrowed Shares 3.61m
    Borrowed Change -5.24m
  • W
    The Infrastructure bill is just about ready to be signed, with that done I will have around $500K to 600K USD to buy WKHS shares to add around 80K shares to my existing 71,700+ WKHS shares.

    Workhorse stock will be a major step for me on way to become a multi-millionaire.

    I am extremely confident about Workhorse, as I said they are a rising star.
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    Not sure that I mentioned this; but , I probably should have. The fellow that contacted IR earlier and asked about the share lockup also asked if the company was aware of the share price manipulation and all of the shorting. IR stated that they were very much aware of the situation. When he asked what they are doing about it, he was told that it is information they’re not willing to release publicly as of right now. I think that says that they are doing something to combat the issue. Maybe not at the moment, but in the near term. Perhaps, that will be one of the discussion points in the earnings conference call.
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    IR has stated that the 15+ million shares now owned by Antara are locked up until 2024. The cannot be shorted, loaned out or sold until that time. Looks like all this hoopla by Relbochat, Frank and others was wrong. Imagine.
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    Returned Shares 7.3m
    Borrowed Shares 3.03m
    Borrowed Change -4.27m
  • i
    Here is what I hope to hear at earnings:

    - C-1000 redesign is complete.
    - C-1000 testing complete by EOY, deliveries resume Q1 2022
    - Drone FAA Cert imminent
    - WKHS negotiating patent licensing with other manufacturers
    - National deal with Sunbelt
    - Walmart testing C-1000 drone combo
    - UPS to receive deliveries in Q12022
    - Production guidance of 5000 vans in 2022

    All of these are feasible this earnings call.
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    Returned Shares 5.46m
    Borrowed Shares 5.04m
    Borrowed Change -425.08k
  • t
    wouldn't be a surprise if it pops to 7.4-7.5 - IMO
  • i
    So how many times can shorts just recycle the same shares - over and over. Eventually, they will have to start raising the Bid to actually get people to sell in order to cover. Not synthetic or naked shares, but real shares.