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  • j
    This Is why ELON MUSK THINKS DOGE COIN will be the currency of the future Because Is Tether Just a Scam to Enrich Bitcoin Investors?
    A widely used cryptocurrency can’t escape investigation and controversy—and it may be fueling another coin bubble.
  • A
    Alex S
    Why does this claim to have a stable value when it's circulating supply grew 10 times in the past year or so?
  • R
    Elon Musk via Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) invests $1.5B in Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) * Dogecoin DOGE Mania!

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    Elon Musk via Tesla (NASDAQ: $TSLA) invests $1.5B in Bitcoin (CRYPTO: $BTC) * Dogecoin $DOGE Mania! Earn Up To 8.6% Interest On Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum, L...
    Elon Musk via Tesla (NASDAQ: $TSLA) invests $1.5B in Bitcoin (CRYPTO: $BTC) * Dogecoin $DOGE Mania! Earn Up To 8.6% Interest On Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum, L...
  • A
    this scam just got banned by NY state
    "The OAG’s investigation found that, starting no later than mid-2017, Tether had no access to banking, anywhere in the world, and so for periods of time held no reserves to back tethers in circulation at the rate of one dollar for every tether, contrary to its representations," the office said in a statement.
  • R
    today is deadline for tether documents...
  • M
    Wait, for the last 5 years, this stock price has been set in stone for a $1.00? Hell no, don't have the patience for this one.
  • J
    Ditto to Scuba Steve - Scam
  • M
    so is this basically a waste to buy? Looking at the charts it appears this never moves up or down from a dollar.
  • J
    Read Amy Castor's blog before you jump into Tether, Grayscale, or Bitcoin. You won't be sorry.
  • M
    Mike C
    This is trash! Has moved any in 5 years. Market cap went from 4 trillion to 27 trillion in past year and still stayed at $1! Buyer beware! Now DOGE is one to get into ASAP! It's moving!
  • J
    Look at ETC, its available on RH its up today.
  • N
    Deso from wall street silver said this is going to take down almost all the cryptos that are really all connected as a fraud even with Elons money check out the interview.
  • P
    Buyers have stepped back into the crypto market and are holding Bitcoin above $10K. Each time the cryptocurrency has dropped below this level, bargain hunters have leaped into action—aggressively buying and pushing Bitcoin back up. On the chart, this price action is reflected in a series of long wicks around $10K, suggesting strong support. Right now the ERC (eth) market has been undergoing difficulties which affect the Uniswap and other (ERC) All thanks to @Bernd_herm on telegram, I was able to recover 65ETH and 8BTC with his trading signals. his analyst is top-notch unbeatable in market cap, I am so happy for working with him keep the energy going sir!
  • s
    Good evening everyone, how are you doing today?
    I was currently reading more about exchanges, seems that there is higher and higher attention towards decentralized exchanges
  • J
    crypto is much popular everywhere.
  • C
    I just bought in...there is good news on the horizon!!!
  • K
    People are ignorant of the profitability in bitcoin investment and that has been the major issues limiting their investment plans. Trading with Mr Solberg Jonas for me is the best thing for anyone who wants to make profitable bitcoin investments
  • R
    Radio Crisami
    our boi still grindin ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ
  • J
    Ok. what do yall think about tether? Should we invest or not? It is ranked 4th in 30 day volume with over $37 billion.
  • M
    sometimes such s happens and we have to deal with it somehow, hope that TRON haven’t given up and will continue building relationships with USDT