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  • d
    Another analyst sees Tesla topping $1,000, this time because of energy business

    Canaccord Genuity analyst Jed Dorsheimer on Monday joined some on Wall Street who believe Tesla Inc. stock will shoot past $1,000, thanks in this case to the Silicon Valley car maker’s years-long lead in battery and energy storage technology.

    Dorsheimer upgraded his rating on Tesla TSLA, +3.69% stock to buy, from hold, and more than doubled its price target on the stock to $1,071, from a previous target of $419.
  • E
    Eternal Peace
    The last two days tesla performance was beyond my expectations. I expected with Dow and Nasdq up Tesla would go up 2-3 % per day without particular news on the day. Such performance makes me think of one possibility --- S&P managers are loading up. They created a mini panic to load up. So if you later see it was added on their S&P list, it would be 50% done already.

    If it was not, it could be from other funds. The sharp sell-off last week was considered a good entry point by many other fund managers who did not possess tsla yet --- mutual fund, retirement fund, hedge fund, to name a few.

    Either way it was very bullish sign for the long term prospect of Tesla. Who would want to miss the train of 4th industrial revolution for the next decade?
  • K
    Free lakefront property on Mars to the next 60,000 buyers <==== launches expected to start next year
    The rockets are all built just need to complete the software and get regulatory approvals.
  • A
    Andrew W
    I don’t care where the stock price goes today or tomorrow. I’m with this company long term. All longs will be rewarded over time.
  • j
    Possible earning scenario:

    Credit sales to ice this quarter = $1,000,000,000
    Profits Bitcoin bought $2billion/ $40 = $1,000,000,000
    Profits 185,000 car sales @ 7% clear margins = $1,000,000,000
    Profits from sale of battery packs = $ 300,000,000

    Total profits = $3.3 billion
    Earnings annualized = $ $13.2 billion

    PE (annualized) = $700/$ 13.2 = 53

    Is this possible that TESLA could go from a close to 1000 PE to a PE of 53 ?!?
    If so, what will the PE look like by 2022?

    Am I over estimating the profits credit sales of 185,000 credits to ice?

    Am I over estimating the profits from $2 billion investment in bitcoin? I assumed bitcoin was bought between
    $25,000 and $35,000.

    Am I overestimating the clear margin of 7%. I assume that the new casting machines will raise the margins significantly. They have been used for some two month in both Fremont and Shanghai.

    Am I assuming too much profits with battery packs?
  • D
    I bought and sold TSLA since about $220, traded it hundreds of times and made great profits, however I ran the math and I would have been WAY further ahead to have just held instead of any trading. Everytime I trade TSLA I make money but could have made more by just holding. Lessons
  • p
    pirogi pete
    bBeing evasive and coy has worked for Tesla/Musk for almost 10 years. Spreading hype about what's down the road has been a fruitful yarn, IMO. Plus, NOT being transparent has allowed Musk to draw from people's desire to see something work out without having supporting facts. This has been Tesla, the business, for the past 10 years. Musk has been able to jump, IMO, from shell-to-shell without providing serious insights into the core of the business. However, this has not deterred the BOD from constantly cashing in stock options without investing a single penny back into the business. It has provided K. Musk $13 Million in sold options since 2017. Never once, at least in public, has the BOD challenged the direction of the business, even though there has been a continual revolving door within sales/marketing.

    To me, Tesla is far, far less from a smooth operating business, as it is closer to a rudderless sailing vessel. To me, there isn't a single salvageable thing redeemable anywhere within Tesla sale/marketing operations. It's about as bad as it gets from being a well-oiled machine.

    From a functional standpoint, Tesla has been a constant mess jumping from one disaster to another. Musk has cleverly, IMO, avoided being raked over the coals for operating a poor retail business...not to mention the horrendous cost over-runs in manufactoring.
  • m
    We keep having higher highs and higher closing highs and the people shorting the stock keep talking about how it's going to crash. Why do they have to get on this board to tell us it's going to crash? Just short the stock and you don't need to tell anyone what you're doing. Do you really think by you saying the stock is going to crash that people are going to sell a stock? Nonetheless, Happy New Year
  • R
    THIS WEEK Tesla will be reporting the number of deliveries for the third quarter, Look for
    RECORD BREAKING deliveries and VERY STRONG forward guidance. Get ready to fly.
  • J
    Circuits in all markets will break today. Historic. This is wonderful. You can tell your grandkids about it if you survive corona.
  • c
    When is Musk going to tweet the new date for the cross country fully autonomous trip including recharging since it is officially now very close to Feb, 2018 and "in 2017 or very close" has passed. He also needs to tweet something on how that fully autonomous charging is going to work without and human intervention. I am 99.999% positive won't happen and he should admit it(unless he has fully autonomous battery swaps in place with no humans to operate them)
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    The Realist
    Tesla paradox alert: Tesla claims they will grow 50% yoy for multiple years. Analysts say anywhere from 10-30m cars/year. Yet Musk also says the robotaxi business will boom and car utilization will increase by multiples. Don't these two predictions contradict each other? If car utilization increases by 5x, that means car market is 1/5 what it used to be. So how are they going to sell 30m cars a year when the worldwide car market contracts to 15 million cars because of FSD?
  • F
    Tesla investor are whining about Tesla's decision to invest $1.5 billion in bitcoin. The $1.5 billion would have been sitting in the bank earninga a fraction of 1% or something relatively small for interest. With Bitcoi, $1.5 billion just made over 560 million yesterday. And what about from the time Tesla bought in January when it was only $34,000. The valuation it mades will show in the balance sheet as profit on next quarterly earnings. Bitcoin is risky and volatile but it starting to get support from big company and its times for Corporation to reap the profits of the liquid assets instead of the bank loaning their money to someone else.
  • s
    Join the NIO opportunity... TSLA shipped 90K cars per Q1
    NIO shipped over 10K cars per Q1
    So if NIO is 10% of TSLA, thats $150
    But TSLA has 185M shares outstanding
    NIO has 903M shares outstanding

    so $150/5 = $30 per share
    It will go sky high🚀🚀
    NIO is now trading $15 per share instead of $30 per share hence undervalued
  • g
    A short squeeze is a rapid increase in the price of a stock owing primarily to technical factors in the market rather than underlying fundamentals. A short squeeze can occur when there is a lack of supply and an excess of demand for the stock due to short sellers covering (liquidating) their positions.[1]

    Short squeezes result when short sellers of a stock move to cover their positions, purchasing large volumes of stock relative to the market volume. Since covering their positions involves buying shares, the short squeeze causes a further rise in the stock's price. This newly increased price can in-turn trigger additional margin calls and short covering, which in turn may drive up the price further still in a vicious feedback loop. Short squeezes tend to happen in stocks that have expensive borrow rates. These expensive borrow rates can increase the pressure on short sellers to cover their positions, further adding to the reflexive nature of this phenomenon.
  • K
    May 27, 2020 - Tesla cuts prices on ALL Models
    July 2, 2020 - Tesla worldwide sales fell YOY - despite the new factory in China
    July 13 2020 - Tesla cut the US price of the Model Y by $3,000

    Oct 12, 2020 - Tesla cuts the price of the Model S
    Oct 13,2020 (2 days later) - Tesla cut the price of the Model S again

    December 2020 - VW ID.3 outsold Tesla Model 3 in Europe
    December 2020 - GM mIni EV outsells Tesla Model 3 in China
    December 2020 - Tesla still dominates the US EV segment but annul US sales of the Model 3 declined by 32%

    February 2021 - Tesla cut the Japanese price of the Model 3 by 16%
    February 2021 - Tesla cut the U.S. price of the Model 3 again
    February 2021 - Tesla cut the U.S> price of the Model Y again

    February 2021 - Tesla shutdowns Fremont assembly plant
  • G
    In one sentence: "Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy says Tesla's share of the global EV market fell from 29% in March to 11% in April."
  • r
    Can someone explain to me why did Tesla stock rallied and lost its gains again?
  • C
    Carbon Dioxide
    Tesla shares trade on 100% emotion. It could go up 200 or down 200 next week. When you consider Tesla made more money in Bitcoin than selling cars, that should tell you this stock is massively overpriced.
  • j
    The Big question is that it appears from recent pictures that production has ceased. Does anyone know if the suppliers of raw materials have also stopped shipping in due to credit problems?