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Tenneco Inc. (TEN)

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10.31-0.64 (-5.84%)
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  • k
    The administration is considering tying microchip subsidies to union jobs. The administration's push for Congress to pass legislation by year's end that would incentivize semi-conductor manufacturers to build new plants in the US amid a global supply shortage could come with strings attached for union representation in the workforce. What could go wrong?
  • k
    Things will worsen for Tenneco before they get better.
    Management's image and's really quite troubling.
    A great deal of customer and investor confidence has been eroded. And of course it's twice as hard to earn back.
  • A
    Looks bad all around. The answer to all this is American protectionist policy. As it appears this will never happen, increases in efficiencies, robotics, materials cost savings, and good old entrepreneurial spirit are the only ways of saving what we have and creating new jobs. 
  • d
    david  h
    Bought a bunch more today at 11. Total no brainer at that price
  • I
    On another note. Whatever happened to splitting up the company. Where are the ambulance chasers. Oh that's right, the people who put the deal together are way to powerful to get sued.
  • D
    Shutting down Kettering plant and shifting production to Mexico and China. They are in the process of destroying the quality of their brand. Moog used to stand for quality...not anymore with this level of cost cutting. It is OK though; the CEO will bail and make out like a bandit.
  • B
    Too many executives with overrunning responsibilities overseeing and wasting the time of the people that actually do the work. 3 "headquarters" in the US.......really?
  • M
    No expense reduction..........How can the BOD collect their pay to sit and go Over the Finances of this company and keep that guy running it for so long?
  • T
    Ez x8 in 1-2years. Undervalued for a company making 15B a year
  • y
    zacks said strong sell on PLUG and the share rises 20% based on good news ,zacks you were dead wrong on Plug ....
  • I
    2022 will be a comeback year as supply chains improve, democrats have set it up to keep control in the mid-terms. Time to buy TEN.
  • B
    So Tenneco is in process of shutting down the Kettering Ohio plant and moving to Mexico. What a big waste of money in shutting down Owen Sound and Hartwell. Two great plants that could still be productive for Tenneco.
  • G
    can you say...SLAVE LABOUR eCONomiX?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Tenneco is up 5.84% to 14.50
  • B
    Interesting buying volume today on a red market day.
  • v
    TEN chart shows strong upside with modest downside
  • y
    zacks and tenneco one entity ,news to drop the price and then raise it on good profits
  • t
    Is the Dividend safe and sustainable going forward ???
    Stock has made accidental high yielder list with great potential upside.
    Morningstar quotes:
    In our opinion, the market overreacted to the May 9 news, selling shares down by a whopping 37%. We think the market has unfairly punished Tenneco's valuation for what we view as transient issues. While postponing the spin-off indicates integration difficulties, we have already assumed as much in our Stage I forecast. Our 2019 revenue estimate was $18.2 billion, and our adjusted EBITDA margin assumption was already 10.5%. Lowering our 2019 revenue estimate to $17.9 billion with an adjusted EBITDA margin of 10.0%, while maintaining our normalized sustainable midcycle 11.2% margin assumption, caused little variance in our enterprise value. This 5-star-rated stock trades at a compelling 83% discount to our $73 fair value estimate.
  • D
    Hey Rich - After you said TEN was overpriced and you based that on EV/EBITDA ratio I was looking around at analyst reports and found a Morgan Stanley report from June 7 and they had a table of car related companies and included EV/EBITDA ratio for 2022 and the ratio for TEN was 1.4 and it clearly the lowest ratio which again highlights what a value play TEN is at these prices. Penske was 6.3 , GM was around 5 and Ford was around 4. Many were much higher. Back to PE earnings estimates for 2022 are $4.86 and at a stock price of around $20 today we are back to being close to a 4PE. Even though the stock has close to doubled in past two months still a screaming bargain. I do want to seem the impact of the chip shortage when earnings are reported because I think what you have highlighted is important to follow.
  • E
    FYI this is why you buy-Return On Capital Employed Overview: Tenneco
    11:17 am ET May 10, 2021 (Benzinga) Print
    Tenneco (NYSE:TEN) showed a loss in earnings since Q4, totaling $163.00 million. Sales, on the other hand, increased by 1.74% to $4.73 billion during Q1. In Q4, Tenneco earned $232.00 million and total sales reached $4.65 billion.

    What Is ROCE?

    Changes in earnings and sales indicate shifts in Tenneco's Return on Capital Employed, a measure of yearly pre-tax profit relative to capital employed by a business. Generally, a higher ROCE suggests successful growth of a company and is a sign of higher earnings per share in the future. In Q1, Tenneco posted an ROCE of 0.55%.

    It is important to keep in mind ROCE evaluates past performance and is not used as a predictive tool. It is a good measure of a company's recent performance, but several factors could affect earnings and sales in the near future.

    ROCE is an important metric for the comparison of similar companies. A relatively high ROCE shows Tenneco is potentially operating at a higher level of efficiency than other companies in its industry. If the company is generating high profits with its current level of capital, some of that money can be reinvested in more capital which will generally lead to higher returns and earnings per share growth.

    For Tenneco, the return on capital employed ratio shows the number of assets can actually help the company achieve higher returns, an important note investors will take into account when gauging the payoff from long-term financing strategies.

    Q1 Earnings Insight

    Tenneco reported Q1 earnings per share at $1.09/share, which beat analyst predictions of $0.71/share.