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Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TAK)

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13.53-0.12 (-0.88%)
At close: 1:00PM EST
13.60 +0.07 (+0.52%)
After hours: 04:33PM EST
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  • P
    This has gotten incoherent. We got buybacks, a 6% dividend, decreasing debt and now a FDA approval.

    I just doubled my position. Happy to get 6% indefinitely.
  • J
    Hard to believe how low so many quality companies have already fallen. Unfortunately the stagflation
    we are in will last a long time, possibly till we change leadership, that’s what it took in the seventies.
    Unfortunately I don’t see the quality man Reagan was on the horizon.
    For those of you too young to have been in business back then, you have not seen anything like it not the crash of 87 or the web bust of the late nineties or the crash of 2008 certainly not the 2020 Covid Crash.
    I began preparing for stagflation a year ago, I sold numerous quality stocks and moved to total income investments. My number one choice is still something you can buy, is it guaranteed to hold it’s price no,
    but it is so solid they paid through several of these events and raised the tax deferred distribution every
    year. My lifeboat is EPD that’s where my TAK funds went back at $17.14.
    I am not here to bad mouth TAK I hope to own some again, but many of you may have some truly unsafe
    investments that need to be redeployed. EPD is a very well managed and very profitable with must have
    service’s and products, they pay over 8% and will raise the distribution in January.
    I wish just going to cash would work but double digit inflation kills it, even GOLD can’t outrun it.
    You need hard assets with cash flow sufficient to keep adding more and distributions to fund your
    ability to grow your own income by reinvesting.
    If you are holding TAK at this point keep it but sell any unprofitable companies, debt related instruments
    and get into high asset, high profit entities.
    I hope this may help anyone who needs to recoup at this point.
    Best Luck
  • J
    FDA approved and after hours is only up 1%?
  • m
    This is the new trend. Stocks go down after FDA approval look at ETON
  • T
  • m
    MichaelG---My records show $19.03 on 01-10-2019. Hope this helps you. I'm going to hang in there till I reach that price plus 3% per year ( cost of living ) for as many years as it takes. That way I will not have lost any value. well, maybe I'll loose a little bit from the taxes on the dividends.
  • D
    pdufa on 23 november?
  • R
    I'm a buyer of this one on the down trend.
  • P
    TAK announced almost $1 bn stock buyback in the next months.
    +12.8% growth y-o-y Revenue. Confirmed Full Year Management Guidance.
  • M
    Anyone know what the basis from the Shire purchase was? Somewhere like $19.25. Thinking that I have to finally take the loss on this one.
  • R
    Roberto Maldini
    Again up like crazy in premarket for only ending up in the red at the closing! Everyday the same story! That is so strange for sure!
  • A
    whew. i thought it was good value at sixteen and i still do.
  • P
    This really should be at around 20.

    Hard to see why it should go lower from here with the buyback in effect now.

    Great div I guess.
  • D
    Does anybody know if and when we can expect to see a dividend in the next coming months? Thanks and cheers from Italy.
  • M
    CMV retinitis is just not a big indication. The sales from this really won’t make a difference to their bottom line. Dividend can easily be cut. A better big Pharma with a serious dividend is GSK.
  • A
    Shares Outstanding 5 3.15B as in Billions...
    This s...t is over-priced as it is.. don't jump on the low life news they^re posting
  • N
    The earnings report, dividend announcement, and share buyback shows that the company is very comfortable with the earnings growth in the years ahead. I sold my airline positions weeks ago and have been averaging into TAK because of the valuation and dividend. I'm glad I did!
  • S
    I muted Michael. Who knows what he is talking about, and perhaps it is just basher BS; but, the only recent CMV approval from FDA that I can see appears to be for CMV in many types of post-transplant patients. See Takeda's own website.
  • t
    TAK announced today what they decided 2% share buyback in the period between Nov this year to Apr 2022
  • T
    Unfortunately, it’s not going to go very high because the investor sentiment is very negative.