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  • M
    perhaps the buyout offer will be raised in light of the legal action. In any event it's greatly undervalued.
  • P
    CEO is playing the American system flawlessly. This is why China is becoming the world economic super power and we are becoming a 3rd world economic power. They think long term, we think short term. SINA interest in WB is worth 3,25 billion and he is paying 2,5 bilion plus SINA has 500 million net cash. wow
  • D
    Weibo's share price will soon surpass Sina's. $WB, $FB
  • M
    Michael K
    Weibo continues to go up and Sina stays flat, this isn't in the best interest of Sina shareholders!
  • h
    The buyout price is way too low. SINA should be north of $55 a share. The CEO needs to raise price to get my vote.
  • M
    The very reason that SINA's CEO, Charles, is willing to pay for $43 per share for SINA's shares is that he, being a master accountant, believes that Weibo(WB, $8 billion market cap) is very undervalued by investors.

    WB is going to be bought out by Alibaba(BABA $735 billion Market cap) sooner rather than later. If listed in domestic Chinese A share market or Hong Kong market, WB can easily be worth at least $30 to $40 billion. Thus Sina's 45% stake in WB is potentially worth $13.50 billion to $18 billion.

    Thus by taking SINA at $43 or $2.6 billion market cap, SINA's management can easily make $10 billion to $15 billion at least on paper when WB eventually get the buyout and relist in China's capital markets. With this kind of upside prospect, it is not difficult to find the $2.6 billion that is needed here by $sina's management to finance the proposed buyout transaction.

    Why not, if you were them?
  • N
    I felt this is a dead horse and foregone. the diff betw daily price and the buy out offer is so small now that's not worth keeping it anymore. sold all mine few weeks back but didn't go too far. bought Weibo. since the been a great up trent for me.
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SINA is up 5.25% to 42.30
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    Michael K
    What am I missing here. Weibo has a market cap of 7.9 billion and Sina owns 46% of Weibo which is a 3.6 billion value. Sina is going private at a value of 2.6 billion. Does that mean Sina's value is a minus 1 billion without it's Weibo share?
  • L
    when is the buyout going to take place?
  • H
    I bought puts of Twitter(TWTR) 3 wks ago--AFTER the stock had plunged--knowing that it was going down even more to the $16/$17 range by year end (I've already doubled my money and I'm still hanging on to my position). But today, I loaded up on SINA. These 2 companies--even though very similar in what they do-- are on 2 very different paths/different futures. SINA will keep adding users/growing/generating cash while Twitter is on it's demise. SINA is worth at least $4 billion(roughly twice the current market cap). SINA owns 40% of WB, translating into almost $4 BILLION while SINA 's total market cap is only $2.3 billion ?!
    This stock is heading back to $35 tomorrow and $40 in the next few wks.
  • L
    The market is a real joke,we got SINA beat,earns ,94 cents a share, stock goes down,than we have BYND that earns 6 cents and the stock is trading 340 X future loss
  • M
    -Sina Corporation owns a 46% stake in Weibo and 72% of the voting power in Weibo. Weibo's market cap currently stands at $8.45bn. As Sina Corporation owns a 46% stake in Weibo, Weibo's market cap of $8.45bn should translate into a market cap of at least $3.89bn for Sina Corporation or an estimated share price of $56!!!
  • M
    If someone compare Sina historical chart with company's numbers (growth book, revenues and earnings and 45.6% weibo ownership) will find a super strong historical bottom (too for technical analysis) with absolutely not logical and irrational undervalutations. We have same price and market cap as the year 2007, when, in same last 12 years, every value (sales, profits, book value) has increased tenfold while the price is the same! From here every dip is a opportunity to accumulate shares to sell next year or two in area 60/80$ or more and if we will have deal china/usa maybe too 200$. Gl everyone
  • S
    Sina offered $41 buyout today. Chart completed double bottom and is breaking to upside.
  • D
    I think one very overlooked event concerning Sina is Alibaba raising close to 14 billion in the Hong Kong listing. Alibaba is very vested in Weibo, already owning a 30% stake. I wouldn't be surprised to see them just acquire Sina/WB within the next year.
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    Dennis stocks
    When does SINA spin off the $4b of WB shares to shareholders ?
  • b
    Good time to buy, but still afraid to lose after report. Because there are two massive decrease after a not bad report release, which afraid me
  • b
    Sina has $2.9 billion in cash on its balance sheet alone.

    Without counting its ownership to WB.
    Should be trading at least 60 per share.
  • D
    Usually I abide by the 3 day rule and wait to buy. I couldn't help myself and started adding once we broke 36. Fortunately bought slow so adds ended up averaging 34.90.