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SINA Corporation (SINA)

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40.27-0.20 (-0.49%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT

40.40 +0.13 (0.32%)
After hours: 5:05PM EDT

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  • k
    Would it be a good idea to invest in sink right now
  • C
    My friend from China told me he is hearing Baidu is about to jump into the ring and throw out a competitive bid due to its interest in Weibo.
  • B
    BrokersPays PeopleToPost
    $TVIX conversation
    Yu bet yur sweet bippy they are
    They want you to lose
  • S
    Sina offered $41 buyout today. Chart completed double bottom and is breaking to upside.
  • C
    How does this sale make any sense? Sinas 45% Stake in Weibo is worth around $4 billion. That puts Sinas core business at a negative $1.1 billion? How does this make any sense for the shareholders? Why not just sell the shares in Weibo and get $4 billion from it? Some other company better step in and try and push this bid up. This SOB CEO is going to become an instant billionaire if this crooked deal goes through.
  • J
    Clearly there is a conflict of interest. The CEO drove the company to the ground, and wants to buy it cheap.
  • Y
    Yahoo Lover
    Don't blame CEO and anyone in the SINA; it was because of the US market did not support it any more. The US market hyped up to $130; then dumped it into the $30 zone. Now the CEO takes it to private for cheap. If you want to blame, then blame the US market investment community and it contained a ton of gambling fund managers with no fundamentals whatsoever. If you want to be fair, SINA should be at least $130 based on its earning and growth; but the US market not valued the Chinese stock like that; the US market always take at least 50% off the value of a Chinese company.
  • W
    SINA is gonna be taken private; then later listed on the Chinese exchange for 3x current value.
  • F
    I believe there will be another offer above $50.
  • B
    Something smells fishy also could be SINA wants out of US at a sweet price and then list on HK where stock will get higher valuation...BABA should buy
  • P
    The CEO made a huge buy a few years ago at 40ish I believe. Stock then ran up to 130ish. He probably sold some back then. Today he is basically buy the company with their cash on hand plus he sells 1 billion in WB. He gets about 1/3 of WB and SINA debt free ad pays nothing out of pocket. The Chinese are so much smarter than the Americans. I have owned 3 Chinese stocks whatched them run way up then sell way off and be bought out for basically free by the management.
  • H
    I bought puts of Twitter(TWTR) 3 wks ago--AFTER the stock had plunged--knowing that it was going down even more to the $16/$17 range by year end (I've already doubled my money and I'm still hanging on to my position). But today, I loaded up on SINA. These 2 companies--even though very similar in what they do-- are on 2 very different paths/different futures. SINA will keep adding users/growing/generating cash while Twitter is on it's demise. SINA is worth at least $4 billion(roughly twice the current market cap). SINA owns 40% of WB, translating into almost $4 BILLION while SINA 's total market cap is only $2.3 billion ?!
    This stock is heading back to $35 tomorrow and $40 in the next few wks.
  • H
    No earning today?
  • L
    The market is a real joke,we got SINA beat,earns ,94 cents a share, stock goes down,than we have BYND that earns 6 cents and the stock is trading 340 X future loss
  • M
    -Sina Corporation owns a 46% stake in Weibo and 72% of the voting power in Weibo. Weibo's market cap currently stands at $8.45bn. As Sina Corporation owns a 46% stake in Weibo, Weibo's market cap of $8.45bn should translate into a market cap of at least $3.89bn for Sina Corporation or an estimated share price of $56!!!
  • M
    If someone compare Sina historical chart with company's numbers (growth book, revenues and earnings and 45.6% weibo ownership) will find a super strong historical bottom (too for technical analysis) with absolutely not logical and irrational undervalutations. We have same price and market cap as the year 2007, when, in same last 12 years, every value (sales, profits, book value) has increased tenfold while the price is the same! From here every dip is a opportunity to accumulate shares to sell next year or two in area 60/80$ or more and if we will have deal china/usa maybe too 200$. Gl everyone
  • C
    China Investor
    Will SINA go private soon? Will it go through?
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  • D
    I think one very overlooked event concerning Sina is Alibaba raising close to 14 billion in the Hong Kong listing. Alibaba is very vested in Weibo, already owning a 30% stake. I wouldn't be surprised to see them just acquire Sina/WB within the next year.
  • a
    It’s a scam. A way to steal money from the good and long investors... the usual Chinese scandal, moving here and there with empty boxes manageable Just according few persons want.
  • D
    Dennis stocks
    When does SINA spin off the $4b of WB shares to shareholders ?