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    Unique SHOPpers 52,621,649 Bless you, each and every one!
    Sales per minute (USD) $1,460,653 at 7pm pst
    Orders per minute 12,983 Indicating slightly higher spends than last year.
    Carbon removal (tonnes) 56,416 About 10% less than last year.

    Very pleasing. HF said that he is very pleased too. Looking forward to hearing the final numbers. They say it's about +21% over last year. I have no idea what the peak was today.
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    3:30am PST Monday Unique shoppers 42,737,367 I wonder how man of them have heard of Shopify, and how many used PAY? In 30 minutes, this count has jumped to 42,984,000
    Sales per minute (USD) $527,418 This is it. The lull is over. It's trending up hitting $565k within minutes. At 30 minutes, $642.5k
    Orders per minute 5,254 up to 6,048
    Carbon removal (tonnes) 45,421 This number appears to lurch. It makes me wonder what data this metric is attached to within the sfn, that triggers the counter. Containers being filled? Something interesting like that?

    Just got 43Million unique shoppers. Wonder how much of that is from the new social media relationships? And from what platforms and engines and apps

    Watching the Show, I get a sense of how very big Amazon is, and how important a space the Shopify Platform occupies. And how much information NOBODY gave us before
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    Robert S
    Shopify says merchants break records with $2.9B in sales on Black Friday
    Shopify announced a record-setting Black Friday with sales of nearly $2.9 billion from the start of Black Friday in New Zealand through the end of Black Friday in California. This represents a 21% increase over Black Friday in 2020 when sales by Shopify merchants surged 75% over 2019 driven by COVID-19 lockdowns, and is more than double their sales on Black Friday 2019, the company said. Collectively, merchants on Shopify generated peak sales of nearly $3.1 million per minute at 12:02 PM EST on Black Friday, and merchants crossed $1 billion in sales by 4:00am EST, four hours earlier than Black Friday in 2020.
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    These were the hourly numbers that I recorded last year.. This year, we began at 12:01am GMT, and Sales were $1MLN/MINUTE right out of the gate, approx 8000 sales/min. I expect that we will see an increase in the average amount spent per sale. I think the avg sale was $89usd, last year. The Trend Ticker is new. Monday should be when we reach peak volumes. Last year, we were thrilled when we hit $1mln/minute. The lowest period that I recorded was $155k/min at 3:30am EST, on the final day. Which was also a peak day! Also last year, the sale ran for an extra day, BFCM plus Thanksgiving day.

    I probably won't be able to write much about it, as I am dealing with torn tricep, and have lost use of one arm for a while. Typing is agony, or one-handed, which is just a different type of misery. Have fun, Everybody!

    Thanksgiving Thursday, Day 1 end to beginning
    11:30pm pst 4,000/min, Sales $334k/min
    11pm pst orders, 4200-4500/min, sales $ <$400k
    10:15pst at 7,600/min $ 758k/min Yowza!
    9:15pst, sales hitting 7,000+ . volumes $655k-700kmin.
    7:30pm pst Still holding
    6:40pst orders ~ 5,000/m, $440k/min
    4pm, sales are holding ~5,000/min, $450k/min
    3:10pm Orders 7,500/min, Sales >$500k/min
    1:30pst Orders 7,414, Sales >$500k/min
    12:20pm pst Orders 5,500k orders/min, $500k/min.
    12pm pst, Orders from about 4,500/m to 7,414/min
    1:30am pst Orders 1500-2000, Sales ~$138,000-160,000/min
    12:15am pst Orders 2,000-2,200

    Black Friday Day 2 Part 1
    Midnight to noon

    11:40am pst Orders ~9,850/min, Sales $885k/min
    10:40am Orders >10,110 Sales $887k
    9:30am pst Orders: 10,500/min, Sales $950k/min
    5:45am pst 8:45 am(EST) - 7200 orders and $654,000/min
    1:40am pst Orders ~9,850/min, Sales $885k/min
    4,000/min, $334k/min
    1:12am pst Sales $380k/min
    12:30am EU/Scand/UK showing lots of activity, it's 9:30a.
    12:10am pst orders `4,700/min but sales ~ <$400k and as low as $328k ,
    avg sale ranging $70-95, about $80 on a few number samples. Was higher earlier.
    12:01am pst orders suddenly topping out at 5,550 sales in $430-500k It stayed above 500k a few times. This pop began right at midnight
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    Normally doesn’t Amazon post their Black Friday sales data by now? Considering online sales were flat and Shop’s sales were up 21% some company had to have a drop.
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    The countdown to BFCM is on. If you've never seen the show, bookmark this site, and be sure to check in. Even with supply chain interruptions (meaning less stock, fewer sales), it will still be very exciting. I will be making my furniture buys on Friday, just so that I can say I've actually purchased from a Shop merchant during BFCM. Last year, the sales never completely stopped for a single moment, and it was a lot of fun watching the globe light up, as each continent wakes up and begins doing business.

    The slowest period used to be 3-6am pst, but the Australian market is so solid, that they fill the gap. Only one or two sleeps left, depending on how late one stays up! I think the sale starts 12:01am on Friday, 9:01pm on the west coast. But maybe 17 hours early in Australia? I have never considered this before...
    A live look at Black Friday Cyber Monday sales on Shopify
    A live look at Black Friday Cyber Monday sales on Shopify
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    Tell me if I have this wrong. Adobe announced total Black Friday online sales were $9.3B. SHOP reported total SHOP online sales @ $2.9B. Without taking out a calculator this sounds like SHOP merchants did 32-33% of all online sales and that sounds like a stupendous trend to me.

    Correct me if I am wrong, thank you.
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    Bought the in on the dip today. Loaded and ready for the ride!
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    Some great press as we head into The Season. Tobi & Wife donated $26Million to Childrens' Hospitals across Canada.

    The following is a paste from my comments on a different page, and directly addresses what makes Shopify such a beast, and the references are still here, buried in my history. At the time, HBC was trading for c$10 share, and HF referenced talking to them. The company went private for c$11/share.

    "I thought this was interesting. In 2019 when Shopify was making acquisitions, I speculated that they should either buy Stampsdotcom or, my hope, The Hudson's Bay Company, which was on the block. I argued that they should buy it for patriotic reasons, but also, for the Saks 5th Avenue location and their extensive real estate holdings. I thought it would be nice to have a downtown Manhattan distribution hub.

    In the end, Shopify announced they were starting SFN, and purchased 6 River Systems in Nov2019. They also said that they had no interest in land acquisitions at that time. They then put their robot systems into xpo warehouses, and were invited to the spinout celebrations for gxo. HBC (which owns Saks) was taken private. And now, this news story. It means that GXO has possibly secured the type of relationship with hbc that I initially envisioned for Shopify two years ago (and wrote about on that chat page). I know also, that Shopify had been having conversations with HBC, because the company was struggling.

    This partnership is, IMO, the tip of the iceberg. Hbc also has holdings in Netherlands. Best of all though is the fact that they are private. This is the type of partnership model that is going to make GXO a monster."

    This is what I thought that Shopify would be doing, until they said they had no interest in Real Estate holdings. So when Tobi said he wanted to "play in logistics", it made sense that his first major partnering would be with another industry Disruptor! An Army Division.

    Marketplace Pulse ran a story a few days ago, "Shopify’s Almost-Marketplace", referring to the Shopify app. Shop maintains that they are not setting up a marketplace, but that they will be adding more functionality in the future. The story is fairly neutral, and makes some really good points, including some of the complexities that have held Shopify back, and posits that they have a marketplace, whether they like it or not, and further, that it's faintly problematic. The article has a somewhat negative flavour, but then, the publication's main sponsors are non-Shopify platforms, I think.

    But also in the news, from Forbes "OpenStore Raises $75 Million To Acquire More Shopify Sellers, Reaches $750 Million Valuation In Eight Months" Keith Rabois of OpenStore (private company) just raised $75Mln to continue his acquisition of Shopify merchant businesses. The Pulse story might have been in response to the Forbes. Just speculating. Rabois says he'll be making an acquistion/day until year end, and each business doing single digit millions in sales. He'll be setting up his own malls!

    Anyway, Shopify is amassing armies, and providing sanctuary to battered rebels, and each body is growing. No time to look at the little players for the past month, but they too, are growing in number.

    I think that I feel like a fund manager associate must have felt, back in the late 90s when he, as a recent mba grad, began setting up his personal BrkH portfolio of businesses. Shopify and its surrounds are no less compelling.

    I hope this doesn't get filtered out by the algos...
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    Even if this new COVID variant proves to be the nightmare the market thought it was on Friday, it is still good news for a stock like SHOP. As we have seen over the last year, SHOP benefits whether the economy is open or closed. Unlike PTON or TDOC, SHOP has a durable competitive advantage and a business that doesn’t depend on conditions to be ripe except maybe if inflation were to get out of control, a possibility that seems remote at this point. Bottom line, stocks like SHOP, TTD, and AMZN are necessary businesses people will have to use. Until there is a better way for businesses to get themselves out there, SHOP will be king. Until e commerce becomes obsolete, businesses like AMZN and ETSY will thrive, etc. I am unshaken by what happened on Friday and if you can see the bigger picture you will be unshaken too.
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    SHOP President on Cramer tonight. Stock will get pumped.
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    Global-e online (GLBE) said Wednesday it would acquire Flow Commerce in deal valued up to $500M and expects to bring small business onto the on-line trading platform and expand its relationship with SHOP.
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    Like clockwork, whenever SHOP falls 4 percent, the novices suddenly think it’s over, despite the fact SHOP is still in record price territory. They don’t care that Powell keeping his job has caused most growth stocks to sell off, all they see is SHOP is down, that any big selloff in SHOP automatically means the end, etc. They also pretend to know what a Zacks ranking on a stock means. They see Strong Sell and they think that means you short it. All it means is that temporarily earnings estimate revisions are down, and this ranking reflects the quarterly outlook at best, not the long term trend. I’m not going to reveal how I know this except to say I have connections the average novice on here could only dream of having. I scooped up SHOP shares about 30 minutes ago…thanks to the weak hands for making more shares available.
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    We will be up $50 tomorrow just you watch. Mark this post.
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    curious, how can shop have more profit than revenue for past 3 quarters?
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    Flat sales:

    Online, retailers rang up $8.9 billion in sales on Black Friday, down from the record of about $9 billion spent on the Friday after Thanksgiving a year earlier, according to data from Adobe Analytics.
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    Black Friday, but Make It Epic: Shopify Merchants Break Records with $2.9 Billion in Sales
    Internet, Everywhere--(Newsfile Corp. - November 27, 2021) - Shopify Inc. (NYSE, TSX: SHOP), a provider of essential internet
    infrastructure for commerce, announced a record-setting Black Friday with sales of nearly
    S2.9* billion from the start of Black Friday in New Zealand through the end of Black Friday in
    California. This represents a 21% increase over Black Friday in 2020 when sales by Shopify merchants surged 75% over 2019 driven by
    COVID-19 1ockdowns, and is more than double their sales on Black Friday 2019. Collectively,
    merchants on Shopify generated peak sales of nearly s3.1 million per minute at 1 2ÿ02 PM EST on
    Black Friday, and merchants crossed sl billion in sales by 4ÿ00am EST, four hours earlier than Black Fridav in 2020.
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    I've been looking at future share price projections for Shopify.

    One site had Shopify hitting $2,000 in February, 2023. That's not too bad considering it's only 15 months away. Current share price is just below $1,600.

    There was another projection site that believes Shopify could hit $4,700 by 2026.

    I understand that nobody can accurately predict a stocks future. It's still interesting to ponder the possibilities nonetheless.

    I believe patience is important with an E-Commerce company like Shopify. Give it time and we will all make money. Good luck everyone 💰
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    Black Friday, but Make It Epic: Shopify Merchants Break Records with $2.9 Billion in Sales
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    Cyber Monday will be spectacular for Shopify. Now that Shopify has integrated international ecommerce, by investing and partnering with Global-e, international ecommerce will add to EPS for Shopify. I recently took a big position in Global-e espcially since Shopify invested 193 million on them prior to Global-e IPO last May. Shopify also has 7 million warrants, which tells me they might buy them outright. If you missed the boat on Shopify, load up on Global-e (GLBE), it will be the next Shopfiy for international ecommerce.