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Sea Limited (SE)

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253.44-7.67 (-2.94%)
At close: 04:00PM EST
254.07 +0.63 (+0.25%)
After hours: 07:59PM EST
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  • D
    seriously.... can anyone explain what's ahppening to SEA?
  • a
    5 months of gains lost , tho I still love this stock
  • M
    My recommendation to all Longs: I highly believe this stock hits 310 in a close future. Try to not close your long positions at all.
  • M
    Interest rising is going to make this stock go down..It will force SE to focus more on profitability and less on growth.. When rates stabalize in 2022/2023 and GDP growth goes back to 2.00 to 2.5 percent, growth stocks will rule the world again
  • s
    As long as I am not getting margin call I am fine with this stock ! Next weeks will be bright . Hope we can see 300$ again before EOY
  • D
    The 3 headed dragon has been slayed
  • S
    Cathie Wood buys again

    25000 shares Dec-2
  • J
    I live in SE Asia and I want to share a couple of observations regarding SE.
    The first is that even before the pandemic forced us all into our homes for months, Shopee was part of our daily lives if we need ANYTHING for our home or daily lives.
    Secondly, somewhat unlike the West, the internet and wifi and mobile device use is pervasive here; I mean you CANT get away from it if you tried. I was on the Lao border up in the rural mountains some years back and had high speed mobile internet EVERYWHERE.
    Third, many countries in SE Asia (I live in Vietnam) have simply skipped the copper land line build-out and opted for the next, latest, fastest generation of wireless internet and it is made available to all and VERY inexpensively.
    Fourth, the middle class in this part of the world (unlike in the West) is expanding like mad; people in cities are moving rapidly up the socio-economic ladder, incomes are increasing and people are buying both big ticket items - homes and cars - and everything to fill those up.
    Fifth, gaming is insanely popular and has been for a long time.
    Six - since the mobile phone is now the go to device for EVERYTHING, there is no obstacle to using it to pay for things too.
    All of these things play right into the sweet spot for SE in all of the markets they are both in already and just entering and while they are paying up for market share (advertising and investments), they are also owning the space. This wont change. The Shopee brand is practically a verb here in the same way you ask for a Kleenex or a Band Aid; the brand becomes the object itself. What do you pay for that recognition? We will find out in the coming decade.
    I'm all in today at $300.
  • D
    what's going on with SEA? Day on day in red. not justifiable at all.
  • D
    Buy the dip!!!
  • L
    Nearing its bottom, I'm adding more today and I'll wait for it while it skyrockets next year. No brainer!
  • a
    This may be a little rough for awhile. The market, as usual, is overreacting. Time to dollar cost average in. Good luck everyone.
  • J
    SE TP got upgraded to $455 by CLSA
  • D
    Remember this is going over $1000 don’t let a couple down days deter you!!!!
  • D
    The ARK Fintech Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKF) deals mainly with up-and-coming fintech stocks, as the name suggests. Some of its biggest holdings include Square, Zillow, Pinterest, PayPal and Alibaba. Net assets for the fund are currently $4.0 billion. Here is a notable purchase in this fund: 25,293 shares of Sea & 189,033 shares of Toast.
  • K
    B of A downgrades but raises their price target to 385$. B of S.

    Citigroup buy - 416$PT
  • A
    All growth stocks across the board the past 2 weeks, mostly are down 15-25%. Not just SE. $AFRM $TDOC $ZM $LC $NET $ASAN
  • a
    There will be a lot of “knee-jerk” market volatility until there is a determination as to the actual transmissibility and virulence of the Omicron variant.
  • g
    Today I called in to Jim Cramer’s Mad Money to discuss the dislocation between the company’s superb triple digit expansion of all financial metrics, notwithstanding the increase in the EPS loss that exceeded the analysts’ estimates of what is acceptable for a company to incur when establishing a market, and the markets reaction - a 10+% drop.
    Jim Cramer reviewed the conference call, said the corporation is performing superbly, it is a winner, said essentially this is how market psychology plays out, and to buy more.
    Years ago I missed the opportunity to buy AMZN, or any stock, because I couldn’t afford to invest, but I followed its growth and memorized its own playbook. AMZN lost money for a very long time as it relentlessly pursued its goal.
    The conference call was convincing, I suggest reading the transcript, look at their balance sheet and financials, the analysts reactions, and projecting the likelihood of SE reaching its goal of dominance in Southeast Asia in e-commerce and digital finance.
    I don’t want to miss this chance. I’m buying more tomorrow. And thank you Jim Cramer.
  • S
    Shame Maung
    Good support at $387. If it holds, super-bullish.