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RBOB Gasoline May 23 (RBK23.NYM)

NY Mercantile - NY Mercantile Delayed Price. Currency in USD
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2.6860+0.0055 (+0.21%)
As of 08:42PM EDT. Market open.

Futures chain

Contract nameSettlement datePriceChange% change
RBJ23.NYMRBOB Gasoline Apr 232.7227 8:37PM EDT+0.01+0.39%
RBK23.NYMRBOB Gasoline May 232.686 8:42PM EDT+0.01+0.21%
RBM23.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jun 232.6225 8:42PM EDT+0.01+0.22%
RBN23.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jul 232.5636 6:00PM EDT+0.01+0.27%
RBQ23.NYMRBOB Gasoline Aug 232.4977 4:58PM EDT+0.00+0.05%
RBX23.NYMRBOB Gasoline Nov 232.2012 4:49PM EDT+0.00+0.13%
RBU23.NYMRBOB Gasoline Sep 232.439 4:58PM EDT+0.00+0.12%
RBV23.NYMRBOB Gasoline Oct 232.2598 4:52PM EDT+0.00+0.14%
RBZ23.NYMRBOB Gasoline Dec 232.161 4:06PM EDT+0.00+0.15%
RBF24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jan 242.1418 3:54PM EDT+0.00+0.09%
RBG24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Feb 242.1415 12:30PM EDT+0.01+0.23%
RBH24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Mar 242.1442 11:25AM EDT-0.00-0.07%
RBJ24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Apr 242.1864 11:25AM EDT-0.14-5.90%
RBK24.NYMRBOB Gasoline May 242.206 1:33PM EDT-0.12-5.19%
RBM24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jun 242.3239 4:59PM EDT+0.00+0.12%
RBN24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jul 242.2695 12:12PM EDT-0.04-1.52%
RBQ24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Aug 242.39 12:01PM EDT+0.10+4.52%
RBX24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Nov 242.18 11:18AM EDT+0.10+4.97%
RBU24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Sep 242.2758 12:15PM EDT+0.07+3.11%
RBV24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Oct 242.21 12:01PM EDT+0.10+4.91%
RBZ24.NYMRBOB Gasoline Dec 242.03 12:14PM EDT-0.02-1.09%
RBF25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jan 252.0865 9:46AM EDT+0.01+0.37%
RBG25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Feb 252.14 12:23PM EDT+0.10+4.80%
RBH25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Mar 252.0521 12:31PM EDT-0.08-3.59%
RBJ25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Apr 252.27 2:49PM EDT+0.03+1.22%
RBK25.NYMRBOB Gasoline May 252.35 3:20PM EDT+0.08+3.49%
RBM25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jun 252.212 10:18AM EDT-0.05-2.07%
RBN25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jul 252.34 12:21PM EDT+0.11+4.77%
RBQ25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Aug 252.31 3:20PM EDT+0.08+3.71%
RBX25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Nov 252.11 12:23PM EDT+0.11+5.42%
RBU25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Sep 252.27 3:28PM EDT+0.10+4.56%
RBV25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Oct 252.14 3:28PM EDT+0.10+4.98%
RBZ25.NYMRBOB Gasoline Dec 252.08 12:14PM EDT+0.11+5.42%
RBF26.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jan 262.06 3:20PM EDT+0.09+4.64%
RBG26.NYMRBOB Gasoline Feb 262.06 3:20PM EDT+0.09+4.40%
RBH26.NYMRBOB Gasoline Mar 261.9729 1:01PM EDT-0.06-2.96%
RBJ26.NYMRBOB Gasoline Apr 262.18 3:11PM EDT+0.03+1.18%
RBM26.NYMRBOB Gasoline Jun 262.1403 2:35PM EDT-0.02-1.14%