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Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

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52.40-1.60 (-2.96%)
At close: 04:03PM EST
52.54 +0.14 (+0.27%)
After hours: 07:59PM EST
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    Investing right now will be at every wise individual list. In few weeks you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today
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    Nov 29 (Reuters) - Pfizer Inc now expects to
    manufacture 80 million treatment courses of its experimental
    COVID-19 antiviral drug, up from a previous forecast of 50
    million, Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla said in a CNBC
    interview on Monday.
  • Y
    Yo Frankie
    MRNA - up 12% today (600% in a year)
    BNTX - up 4% (400% in a year)
    PFE - down 2% today (up 20% in a year)

    No manipulation involved. None. Nada.
  • B
    Must be a problem in another part of the company causing it to offset the multi billions of dollars they are raking in on vaccines which is keeping the stock price from going up today like BNTX and MRNA. We will never know the games they are playing. Be patient and stay the course.
  • R
    The initial treatment course of the new Pfizer pill has been set out in the first government contract at $529 US per treatment course. 30 pills are required for one treatment, so that breaks down to $17.60 US per pill.

    If Pfizer initially produces 80 million pills, then the revenue in the first year looks to be $14.08 billion US.

    I suspect that the total demand, in year one, for the pill will nicely exceed Pfizer's current production estimate of 80 million pills.
  • J
    New data shows that the mrk pill 💊 may be pulled. It is only 30% effective compared to Pfizer's 89% effectiveness. Which would you rather purchase if you were a country and you had tens of billions to spend?
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    This is a really good board. A whole lot of investors hanging in , making a lot of money and soon to make a whole lot more. Congratulations to all on the long side. Trend is up
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    Short sellers trying to sell off before the market opens. $59 to $65 by end of this week.
  • D
    Traders control this stock. Buy sell. Sell buy. Everybody and his brother is buying and selling this stock. $ 3.59 spread between day high and day low. $36 + billion worth of PFE traded today.
  • t
    Now that the gov. Is forcing you to take the vaccine. I'm certain it will be a100 dollar stock
  • P
    If there is one stock that makes me confused is this stock. No way this stock should be down 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    Not to worry everyone. Pfizer still has this one in the bag. The Canadian government continues to unleash mental abuse on its citizens if they have doubts about getting the jab. They will be taking away their lively hood, their pay cheques, and leave them homeless without any money. Children will be shivering in the streets this winter. Some have fled to safer countries such as China and Cuba where the communism is not that bad, but now the Canadian government has closed the boarders not allowing people to flee without getting multiple jabs. So as you can see, Canada will be sending Pfizer as much money as Pfizer wants.

    How can you not have shares in Pfizer. Thumbs up if you think Pfizer will be at $100.00 comes next earnings.
  • s
    PFE has a long history of declaring increases to the dividend in December. I’m expecting a decent boost this time around. A stock buyback would be nice too but doubtful they will risk the negative backlash from the anti-Pharma factions.
  • j
    Pfe should be a least 70-100 bucks given all the catalyst here..

    Management needed to increase dividend and share buyback here ..

    FCF is staggering with World wide demand for its vaccines and pills coming out before end of the year..
  • K
    I had been into stocks for years, but drifted to bitcoin, my profit from one year is not to compare with the years from stocks, Alessandro Dante is a gem not to compare, with high trading strategies, $9000 profit added to my cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • S
    $61 very shortly. Adding more on Monday morning. Most undervalued company in the DOW right now.
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    You don't need any one to teach you on how to invest your money You can make research on your own and start doing it yourself
  • C
    Morgan Stanley reportedly raised PFE's price target from $50 to $60 today. Pretty tough to argue with a projected $100 billion in revenue.
  • K
    Manipulators are having a difficult time controlling the share price. This is going to $100 once the Covid pill treatment is approved. After which Bourla , after knowing that Pfizer is sitting on a pile of cash, will announce share buyback. Pfizer will be the first $1 trillion bio company!
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    80 million pills is a drop in the bucket in a world of 5 billion +. Up we go a lot!